Looking at the Library Again

Well I have been away from the library for months. I cancelled any reserves I had and went library free during Covid19 months. Now that we are having a “so they say” Covid19 free time here in NZ, I have tentatively put my feet back in the water by reserving five books online, and now await them.

I love the reserve feature and I know I can put a “delay” kind of thing on them, but when they are available I feel a bit of pressure to read them. A bit like a review book really, and I read best when there is total no pressure for anything!

Here are the five books I’ve reserved!

A review by Marybook cover reminded me of this book, although in the USA it is called How the Penguins Saved Veronica.

I see this book is already on the reserve shelf for me at the library and I need to pick up by the 12th.

book coverBeach Read – I am not sure if this is for me or not. But good to make a small investment in it and get it from the library. Was on Anne Bogel’s summer reading list and I have seen a number of reviews from it. A DNF from one GR reviewer I respect so will check it out at the least.


book coverThe Cake Maker’s Wish – I have read this Australian author before and this is her recently published one. I do admit though I have her last year book on my shelf and haven’t read it!

book cover

Murder in the East End is a cozy mystery series I enjoy and recently I was alerted to the fact that this one is out.

book cover


Maybe One Day is a shot in the dark. I like the Irish author Carmel Harrington and I saw this author on a Zoom presentation along with her. I think she is English but just thought I’d give her a whirl.



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