Friday Five Link Up


A Friday List Link Up.

So the five can be connections of any kind. Books can have been read last year or any year. Books can be used more than once.They may not have been read yet. They might be ones you just bought or want to buy.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Maybe it’s not a list of actual books, but things connected to books – e.g. favourite book shops, recipes etc. It might even be five movies related to books or five poems or five poets or five bookish moments, five thoughts about reading – be creative!

It’s a link up  not a challenge but you might still want to take this on as a challenge so do it!

Starting first Friday in 2020.

It will be open for the week. You might like to do your List of  Five on another day. A link will close on Thursday and a new one will open on Friday.  Your five might be just one section of a post and that’s quite okay. You might just make a post on Instagram and link it if you want.

I hope you can join in some weeks. I look forward to your ideas.

Hashtag #connect5books

Sometimes there will will be a giveaway. Still in the planning.