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Writers as Characters in Books

These are mostly books with authors who have lost the ability to sit down and write! I’ve just finished Beach Read and it put me in mind of other books I’ve read where there is an author who is finding the writing daunting, or has to get away to finish the book.

book cover In Beach Read we have January – a romance author who just can’t get the deadline book written. She has lost her father in the last year and has had another nasty shock as well and she really isn’t dealing. She goes to the beach house her father has left her, and finds out her neighbour is Gus, a literary fiction writer and they went to writing college together. And so the tango begins.  Emily Henry will eventually get January to the place where she can write, but how she does that… well I can’t give that away.  I don’t think this book is a beach read, or an out and out romance, more a mash up of sorts!

book coverAnother book I’ve just recently read also has a romance author struggling to write. Kaylee has just recently experienced a loss and takes off to Virgin River to write in a quiet spot where she can hopefully write. Will Virgin River be able to work that kind of magic for her?

book cover Another by Robyn Carr, this time a stand alone from quite awhile back -1999. One of my keepers. This has just not one author in the book but a group of friends who are authors and all struggling in one way or another, but especially over the death of a friend. I feel a reread coming along.

book coverI really enjoyed this book, it was excellent. Again it is about four writers. One of them has her life fall apart and the other three come to her rescue. To help her they co author her book that must be written to meet a deadline. Of course no one else knows that. Each chapter starts with a wonderful little quote that are gems in themselves. It is extremely well written and once started fully engages the reader. As I was reading I found plenty to enjoy and ponder on. Another keeper on my bookshelf from 2009 and I need a reread of this one too.

book cover

This book back in around 2001 had Molly Somerville her loves her career as the creator of the Daphne the Bunny children’s book series but the rest of her life could use some improvement. Well all the books by SEP are on my keeper’s shelf and so here it is. The fun thing about going back to relook at some of these is to see who has read it and what they thought on Goodreads about it, readers I now follow. We aren’t all in agreement but that’s okay. Another one I need to reread. I have this in paperback but originally I listened to the audio by Anna Fields which of course is a gem in itself.


Any other books you’ve read that have authors in them as characters? Let me know I might love that kind of book!


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9 thoughts on “Writers as Characters in Books”

  1. I love books with authors as characters and am always looking for cozies where that happens! That SEP is controversial! I’ve read it a couple of times and really enjoy but that one scene (you know which one I mean!) causes some serious ick. I do wish she’d done the setup just a bit differently because the rest of the book is fantastic!

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  2. The House on Olive Street sat on my shelf for years and it took this year for me to finally read it. Robyn Carr’s books are comfort reads and this was the right book at the right time.

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  3. I really liked Beach Read, but I agree that it’s not really a beach read or totally romance. I don’t read too much romance these days, but when I was reading it I loved SEP and Robyn Carr’s books. I think I may have listened to This Heart of Mine with Anna Fields. Such a good narrator (and author!) I may have to look for The Accidental Bestseller and The House on Olive Street. Great post!

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