Month in Review

September Reading


Total books read this month: 8

That’s not a lot of books! However the main thing is that I enjoyed all of them, they were good reads. Two were audiobooks. Three off my own shelf and one review book and two library books.

New to me authors:

So five out of the eight books were new to me authors. Of those I’d say Saumya Dave interested me the most, but would happily read another book by the others too.

Amy Byler

Emily Henry

Sonia Kamal

Saumya Dave

Phoebe Fox

Top Book for September

This might not be the “best” book, but it was one I so enjoyed, its romantic suspense, a genre I like, and Karen Rose spins a tale that while at times gruesome, has characters I really like. I am not sick of her books yet!

book cover

Looking forward to books publishing in October

Doesn’t mean I’ll read them in October but… these three will be on my shelf soon as they are published. I can’t make up my mind as to whether I’ll read or listen to the Jenny Colgan one. The narrator of this series so far has me hooked so if its the same one will most likely go the audio way.

Main Reading Goals for October

I’d like to read some of those books already on my shelf. I have library books coming in that make me read them first because others are waiting. However this month I’d like to take books already on my shelf or Kindle at 1st October and…

  • read four books at least from my actual shelf
  • read two books on my Kindle
  • read one book at least outside my wheelhouse
  • reread one book

Incoming Books for September


I bought a couple of replacement books, I must have loaned them out, then think I’d like to reread a book and its missing!

Library Books

From NetGalley


Audio Books bought from Audible

book cover


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15 thoughts on “September Reading”

  1. Looks like a great reading month for you! 8 books is a lot in one month for me 🙂 and it looks like you read a nice variety, with lots of new-to-you authors! It’s always fun to discover new authors.

    I’m way behind on reviews after some busy weeks here, but I need to catch up so I can write a Sept wrap-up, too.

    Hope you enjoy your books in October!


    Book By Book

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stefanie it depends on the audiobook listening on how long it is. Sometimes it takes me ages because I don’t even listen some days. Other times I am sewing and I have the audiobook going a few hours a day. Most likely takes me longer because I listen at ordinary speed – I don’t like speeding it up.

      Liked by 1 person

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