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Library Loot

At about this time of the year all the books start to pile in from my library reserves. At the moment they are speeding in. Two more waiting! It’s going to put me off getting my five read from my own shelf this month but so be it!

book coverWhen I am finding my way into a new author generally I want to borrow the first book I read by that author. As it turns out this is a debut novel. And… Thoroughly enjoyed this romance, loved the characters and especially the down to earth family and friends. Nora and Leo – what a pair. Bernadette and Arthur not far behind. It was cute and made me laugh out loud at times. I never saw what caused the trouble between Nora and Leo and kept wondering what on earth is going on. Well now I know! Very satisfying. Would definitely read another by this author.

4.5 stars

book coverWell all I can say is … delightful. It was fun meeting Poirot and Hastings and see how they related to each other. No one warned me of the humour in these books and that was what was delightful. And while I might say it was far fetched, it was also eerily possible given todays world. Hmm well done Agatha Christie.  The Big Four are about to take over the world – a Russian, an American, and Englishman and a Chinese. Enter Detective Poirot with his clever little plans to thwart them.   4 stars

book coverWell written and engaging. I didn’t expect to really like this book, but turned out it was not mere “rom com” but something deeper than and more than that. I loved Nora’s journey – the witty dialogue between herself and Charlie. Plus her relationship with her sister. Sure a little predictable, but good predictable. Just loved the wisdom of this book.  4.25 stars

book coverMultiple family members and much drama. There was a lot happening and how various characters linked up or fell out made for much happening. It is a step back though kind of writing. I wanted to like it more than I did. At times I felt for the characters and at other times I thought “Really!” 3.5 stars.

book coverAn extremely well written, thought provoking book about a family. Three sisters – well that’s frequent in a book, but somehow this one stands out. They gather around as their mother faces a big change in her life. Laine is the one who returns home to help out. It is she who makes so much growth and development but in a way so do they all.  4.25 stars


7 thoughts on “Library Loot”

  1. Christie is a favorite and she definitely does have a good bit of wit woven into her books. I have Nora Goes Off Script on my TBR so I’m so glad to see how much you enjoyed it! It sounds wonderful.

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  2. I like the idea of borrowing from the library an author’s first books in a series. I need to get back to checking out library books! Thanks for sharing. I really like the look of Everything Must Go.


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