Looking at the Library Again

Well I have been away from the library for months. I cancelled any reserves I had and went library free during Covid19 months. Now that we are having a “so they say” Covid19 free time here in NZ, I have tentatively put my feet back in the water by reserving five books online, and now await them.

I love the reserve feature and I know I can put a “delay” kind of thing on them, but when they are available I feel a bit of pressure to read them. A bit like a review book really, and I read best when there is total no pressure for anything!

Here are the five books I’ve reserved!

A review by Marybook cover reminded me of this book, although in the USA it is called How the Penguins Saved Veronica.

I see this book is already on the reserve shelf for me at the library and I need to pick up by the 12th.

book coverBeach Read – I am not sure if this is for me or not. But good to make a small investment in it and get it from the library. Was on Anne Bogel’s summer reading list and I have seen a number of reviews from it. A DNF from one GR reviewer I respect so will check it out at the least.


book coverThe Cake Maker’s Wish – I have read this Australian author before and this is her recently published one. I do admit though I have her last year book on my shelf and haven’t read it!

book cover

Murder in the East End is a cozy mystery series I enjoy and recently I was alerted to the fact that this one is out.

book cover


Maybe One Day is a shot in the dark. I like the Irish author Carmel Harrington and I saw this author on a Zoom presentation along with her. I think she is English but just thought I’d give her a whirl.



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9 thoughts on “Looking at the Library Again”

  1. My digital library has kept me going through Covid. The local library is open for curbside pickup but I’m just a bit hesitant to use it. They say they’re wiping down everything that comes in, and I think the risk of viral transmission is really low, but I just need a little more time to get used to the idea. I am missing graphic novels (they won’t display on my Kindle Paperwhite well), so I think I’ll be dipping my toes in to the library pretty soon. Enjoy your week!


  2. I am looking forward to that Josephine Moon book. I have a ton of books ready for pick up except the branch where they are waiting are not open yet.


  3. I’ve put a couple of your books on my Want to Read list….which I am finally working on with some success. Our library is still closed to the public, but send me books. Thank you for sharing!


  4. My library hold gives the delay option as well. It helps if I don’t have time to read when a book becomes available. I’m listening to Beach Read now. It’s enjoyable but I’ve noticed reviews on GR seem to be a bit scattered re ratings but now I wonder if it might be age-related. I’m about 75% in and there have been a few LOL moments so we’ll see how I end up feeling about it. Hoping to find time to finish today.


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