Month in Review

January Reading Month in Review

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Total books read this month: 13.

New to me authors:

Genevieve Graham
Sarah McCoy
Laura Trentham
Sonja Yoerg
Sofia Lundberg

Reading Challenge Update:

Started well. 4 audiobooks in one month is good for me and gives me a good beginning.

Reading Club Update:

I joined the Modern Mrs Darcy book club again. I am a little out of my league there, the members tend to be a little more of literary readers than I am. But I will persevere as the books themselves are within my reading range.

I didn’t read the Books With Heart book because the theme of sickness in the book was just too much for me. And I listened in to Rachael Johns discussion of her book which I had read towards the latter part of 2018 but was the book for January discussion.

Outside Reading Highlights

What can I say, January has gone by so quickly. Summer in our part of the world. Last night I slept with a fan going all night. First time ever! I read online that putting a bowl of iced water in front of the fan can help. May just try that. Or a cold “hot water bottle”. I am not so sure about that!

I joined a tai chi class which is proving enjoyable. I was going to go to beginners’ yoga but found a really good yoga class that is online for older women and while it was a cost, it is very economical as if I went to class once a week after 10-15 weeks I would have paid the same. This way I get to do it every day. Most likely better for me. I also found a DVD in my cupboard for stretching and that proved good too. Ah January is a good place to start new habits!

Top Book for January

Hard to choose – so many good reads this month. However I did get caught up in this one so will choose it and I enjoyed the narrator Lisa Flanagan

book cover

Looking forward to reading in February

This month there are some unknowns to read – review books of authors I haven’t read before and the same with the library books, although I look forward to Strawberry Hill by Catherine Anderson from the library.

Main Reading Goals for February

In January I had two books I stopped and DNF. So for February I’d like to stop reading any book that doesn’t work for me.

Incoming Books during January…


Library Books

From NetGalley or Edelweiss

Audio Books


This will be the last time I host a link up for the end of month review. I’d like to thank you all for supporting this and joining in. I really appreciated it. From February onwards I am going to link up to Nicole’s link up at Feed Your Fiction Addiction – which I know some of you do already. See you over there!

Month in Review, Review

November Reading month in Review

November banner
Welcome in, do join me by sharing your link to your look back at this month. I’m looking forward to visiting and seeing what everyone has been up to.  The link will be open for you to share your post whenever you post over the next few days.  Do visit each others’ posts.

Total books read this month: 12.

Four of these are library books.
Three are audiobooks.
Two are review books.
Two are books I bought in 2018.

Where do the authors come from?

Five authors from the USA
Three authors from Britain
One from Ireland
One from New Zealand  ( Who – well that’s Nalini Singh of course!)
Two from Australia

New to me authors:

Tricia Stringer
Fiona Palmer
Carmel Harrington

Reading Challenge Update:

I am nearing finishes with most, I think I will make my audiobook goal, even though I thought I wouldn’t. I may not read a banned book so that will mean I don’t finish the Anne Bogel one, but that’s okay.

Reading Club Update:

I read Brothers and Sisters by Fiona Palmer for one online book club and really enjoyed it, the listen on audio was the way to go and the discussion on Facebook with Books with Heart was interesting.

I read Table for Eight by Tricia Stringer and that will be for next month along with Liane Moriarty’s latest book, Nine Strangers Waiting.

Outside Reading Highlights

I had installed a bookcase in my lounge room, and I love the fact I can now keep all my books in one place. I did cull some as I put them on their new home. I love the cupboards underneath which will hide stuff!!

book case

Top Book for November…

Have you read this Irish author? I hadn’t up until this month but I loved the story and the exploration of homelessness, which is so prevalent in everyone’s country these days. At first the cover didn’t really wow me, but once I’d read the book – perfection!

book cover

Looking forward to reading in December …


 Reading/Blogging Goals for December…

  • See how many of my reading challenges I can finish or near finish.
  • Decide if I will host a reading challenge for 2019 … or not.
  • Think about what challenges I might take part in for 2019.
  • Decide on my first book to read for 2019.

Last month I wanted to get 3 to 4 rereads accomplished. I read two and as they were rather solid reads I count that as good enough!

Incoming Books during November


Library Books

From NetGalley or Edelweiss

Audio Books


Month in Review

Month in Reading Review – September 2018


For me September was about keeping an eye on the reading challenges I had set myself, so I am interested to see how I went and how much further I have to advance!

A holiday season book –  The Wishing Tree
A number in the title  – Three Gold Coins 
A classic   – Persuasion
Last book added to my TBR – By Invitation Only Dorothea Benton Frank
Children’s Book  Emily of New Moon  L. M. Montgomery
Randomly chosen from TBR – Flirting With Pete  Barbara Delinsky
Audiobooks – 3
Library books – 7

So for the last three months of the year I still have some challenges I’d like to advance a little more.  I have finished the library challenge although of course I am still reading from the library!

Books Read

Number of Books Read in September: 16

The Wishing Tree   Emily March    Contemporary romance   Kindle
Three Gold Coins   Josephine Moon Mainstream fiction  – Hardback
Rush     Lisa Paton    Mainstream southern fiction  – Hardback
Crimes Against a Book Club  Kathy Cooperman Mainstream fiction – audiobook
Season of Wonder   RaeAnne Thayne  Contemporary Romance – Kindle
Persuasion   Jane Austen   Classic.   – audiobook
Flirting with Pete   Barbara Delinksy  – Mainstream Fiction – Paperback from my bookshelf
Fool Me Forever   Ainslie Paton   – Contemporary Romance – Kindle
An American Marriage   Tayari Jones – Fiction – Hardback.
The Desert Nurse   Pamela Hart  Historical fiction – Trade Paperback
By Invitation Only  Dorothea Benton Frank   Mainstream Fiction.   Hardback
Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane  JoAnn Ross   Contemporary Romance – Kindle
Leverage in Death.  J . D. Robb. Narrated Susan Eriksen – Suspense – Audiobook
Scandal Above Stairs   Jennifer Ashley   Cozy Mystery – Paperback
Emily of New Moon  L.M.Montgomery   Children’s Fiction – Paperback
How to Walk Away.  Katherine Center Mainstream Fiction – Hardback

New to me authors

Lisa Paton
Cathy Cooperman
Tayari Jones

Favourite September book

Ah, so many good books in this month. In the end I have chosen this book for my favourite but so many close runner ups!

book cover


What I am looking forward to reading in October

Now that’s a bit of a hard question, obviously my own bookshelf is groaning with books I want to read and some are also on the way and then of course the library will tell me a book is ready to pick up. But … let’s see.  The first two are on my bookshelf, the Cathy Lamb is for review from Kensington. The anticipation for each book fills me with delight.

Incoming books

Bought – paperbacks

Kindle Books

I bought The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt because his Okay for Now might just be my top favourite children’s book.

From the Library

This was the month of the feast from the library. So many of my reserved books came in! Looking at them now I see I have finished with them all and they have been returned! The pressure of other readers waiting!

From Edelweiss or NetGalley

That one without a title is American Duchess: A Novel of Consuelo Vanderbilt.


Audiobooks bought.



This month I also joined two Australian book  clubs online on Facebook.  One is Rachael Johns Online Book Club  (Australian author) and also Hachette Australia’s Books with Heart Book Club. Each read one book a month and talk about it. Australian books of course, but I decided that I’d enjoy reading many of them, as they are mostly women’s fiction genre so I think it will be an excellent fit for me. The New Zealand population of 5 million is too small for such things!  I know! I know! Many cities in the world have double, triple and more of that! You can see why when we travel for the first time we are a little over awed!

The October read for Books with Heart is about a 79 year old woman. And that will cover a reading challenge topic for me as well. I’ve bought this one as too many reserves on it at the library!book cover

Rachael John’s club read is reading in October …    I’ve bought this one as well and its on its way from Booktopia. (An Australian site) as I couldn’t find it in my local bookshop. Again too many reserves on it at the library, which is good!

book cover

So that’s a wrap for September, I count it as a very good month.  As we slide into October – I saw a blogger calling this Owntober which is a good reminder to read our own books! And I hope to read some more of them. But… there is the local book fair mid October where there will be cheap books. Hmm I’ll limit myself I think. Maybe ten at the most! Have I read last year’s haul, I need to look at that, maybe I haven’t even read one! Ouch.


So what was your reading month like?  Last month I had a book giveaway – I have contacted the winner but haven’t heard back, but I do believe she has been away so I’ll wait awhile longer to give her time to check her email. More news on that next time.