Month in Review

January Reading Month in Review

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Total books read this month: 13.

New to me authors:

Genevieve Graham
Sarah McCoy
Laura Trentham
Sonja Yoerg
Sofia Lundberg

Reading Challenge Update:

Started well. 4 audiobooks in one month is good for me and gives me a good beginning.

Reading Club Update:

I joined the Modern Mrs Darcy book club again. I am a little out of my league there, the members tend to be a little more of literary readers than I am. But I will persevere as the books themselves are within my reading range.

I didn’t read the Books With Heart book because the theme of sickness in the book was just too much for me. And I listened in to Rachael Johns discussion of her book which I had read towards the latter part of 2018 but was the book for January discussion.

Outside Reading Highlights

What can I say, January has gone by so quickly. Summer in our part of the world. Last night I slept with a fan going all night. First time ever! I read online that putting a bowl of iced water in front of the fan can help. May just try that. Or a cold “hot water bottle”. I am not so sure about that!

I joined a tai chi class which is proving enjoyable. I was going to go to beginners’ yoga but found a really good yoga class that is online for older women and while it was a cost, it is very economical as if I went to class once a week after 10-15 weeks I would have paid the same. This way I get to do it every day. Most likely better for me. I also found a DVD in my cupboard for stretching and that proved good too. Ah January is a good place to start new habits!

Top Book for January

Hard to choose – so many good reads this month. However I did get caught up in this one so will choose it and I enjoyed the narrator Lisa Flanagan

book cover

Looking forward to reading in February

This month there are some unknowns to read – review books of authors I haven’t read before and the same with the library books, although I look forward to Strawberry Hill by Catherine Anderson from the library.

Main Reading Goals for February

In January I had two books I stopped and DNF. So for February I’d like to stop reading any book that doesn’t work for me.

Incoming Books during January…


Library Books

From NetGalley or Edelweiss

Audio Books


This will be the last time I host a link up for the end of month review. I’d like to thank you all for supporting this and joining in. I really appreciated it. From February onwards I am going to link up to Nicole’s link up at Feed Your Fiction Addiction – which I know some of you do already. See you over there!

32 thoughts on “January Reading Month in Review”

  1. I do online yoga classes too (as well as 2 actually classes a week), and I love that I can do them anytime. Plus I can pick and choose how long the class is. I read The Dream Daughter this month too and loved it. I’m going to have to check out True Places.


  2. All the books you read this month look absolutely delightful. Audiobooks are something I want to explore more, but for some reason my library doesn’t always have the best selection. I’ve been saying I hope you stay warm to everyone, but in your case I will say I hope you stay cool! Happy February!

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  3. wow, you are starting the year with a bang. Congrats on persevering with this book club, any occasion to get out of our reading comfort zone is good, I think, but at the same time, YES to DNF! There are too many great books waiting for us, to waste time with others. I also DNFed one in Jan, Berlin Alexanderplatz, a German classic that all students need to read, apparently, but it was really too hard for me to understand, a bit like Ulysses by James Joyce.
    I just linked my post:

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  4. I loved Marilla of Green Gables – so fun getting to read about her! I’m such an Anne of Green Gables fan!!! I’m so jealous of your summer weather right now – we are freezing here in NY, but hopefully not for too much longer. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t going to be hosting this monthly link-up any more.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That sounds like a pretty good month. Ergs on the heat. Yes, a bit of ice in front of a fan can help a little 🙂 I always want to freeze my sheets. lol Hope you have a great February!


  6. Marilla of Green Gables is on my list of books that I want to read this year. And I think I’m going to add a few of the other books you read this month to my list as well. So many of the books you read this month have such pretty covers!

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  7. Wow, another great month for you! I have True Places, still unread…so I guess I should bring it forward. We have some of the same books, like The Red Address Book and The Dream Daughter, which I read a while ago. Becoming Mrs. Lewis is in my queue.

    I hope February is another great month.

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  8. I always love the books you read. Sometimes we even have some of the same books! It’s freezing cold here today. Den and I are staying in and not venturing out until tomorrow. We will probably eat more soup! Stay as cool as you can!

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  9. You had a great month! I have True Places on my kindle but think I’ll pick it up at Audible since you liked it so much (I think it’s only $1.99 since I bought the kindle edition). Your weather is the exact opposite. We’re on the tail-end (I hope) of the polar vortex! Here’s hoping February is another good reading month with not too many DNFs.

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