Month in Review

Looking back at June Reading


Total books read this month: 8

New to me authors:

No new to me authors this month.

Outside Reading Highlights

Meeting up again with family and friends, after there has been no community transmission of COVID-19 for awhile. Just at the border and that has two weeks quarantine and testing, how well done I am not sure! So a little caution doesn’t go amiss.

Top Book for June

No hesitation about this. I really enjoy a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, and this one more women’s fiction with a touch of romance was very readable.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in July

I have a few review books to read but here are the ones I am really looking forward to off my own shelf.

Main Reading Goals for July

Just to continue to read slowly and really enjoy what I am reading. Get back to using the library.

Incoming Books for June


From NetGalley


book cover

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11 thoughts on “Looking back at June Reading”

  1. June was an excellent reading month for you. I’m happy you are able to get together with people you love again–we haven’t been able to do that here yet. Dance Away with Me sounds perfect for me–plus I love the cover.

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  2. Great month! I will be reading the Katherine Center book soon! I haven’t read Susan Elizabeth Phillips in a while. I must check this one out. I’ve been trying to find My Pear-Shaped Life, and can only get it in hardcover or paperback. I may go for that.

    I am glad to hear that the virus is under control in NZ…you and my granddaughter are fortunate!

    Enjoy your week and your July reading.


    1. Will be interested to see what you think of My Pear Shaped Life. It has a Kansas road trip in it! I had to get my copy from England actually, I don’t see her books here in NZ although I did notice it at the library when I was looking at their website so that means others read her here! Yes its good living here at the moment. Always aware it could change in a heartbeat with all people coming in, but fingers crossed. Hope your granddaughter stays well and safe. It would take time for her to adjust to USA living now I’d think, when she returns if the virus is still out there.


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