Month in Review

March Reading 2020

Total books read this month: 8

All worthwhile reads with two that were just that extra bit special. This is most likely the least I’ve read for a long time in a month. I think the signs of the times. Although I am settling a little more into my reading.

New to me authors:

Nancy Zieman

Nicole Meier

Top Books for March

Incoming Books for March


Library Books

book cover

From NetGalley

Audio Books Purchased with credits.


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23 thoughts on “March Reading 2020”

  1. I read Don’t Overthink It for an honest review also. This book, although not mind-blowing (pun intended), did come to me to the right time. One part mentioned getting into a daily routine to stop mental clutter and having to make the same decisions each day about what to do, eat, etc. and when. This was an ah-ha moment for me and broke me out of the mental anxiety spiral I fell into the first 2 weeks of quarantine. My new routine is a game changer.

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  2. Looks like a good reading month for you, Kathryn! A nice variety and two extra-special books is pretty good! I want to read Don’t Overthink It after listening to her podcast episode where she read a chapter from it.

    oooh…and a new Katherine Center novel! I enjoyed Things We Save in a Fire.

    Hope April turns out to be another good reading month for you!


    Book By Book

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  3. I LOVED Little Beach Street Bakery. It was such a sweet read. I hope you enjoy it. I finally finished The Storm Sister and am itching to continue the series – I really want to read the one you got – but I’m trying to listen to something a bit shorter first. Hope you have a fabulous reading month in April!

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  4. Great month of reading. You have some of great authors there. I read two books last month which is good for me. I am hoping to post my monthly recap on my blog soon but we will see.

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