Month in Review

March Reading Wrap Up


Total books read this month: 13

New to me authors:

Anna Lee Huber
Julia Kelly
Madeline Martin

I thought Molly Fader was new to me but it is Molly O’Keefe writing under another name.

Top Book for March

Well they were all good but for its fun approach, made me laugh and a mystery I didn’t solve.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in April

Review of Reading Goals 2021

GR Challenge – ahead by ten books.

Enjoyment v Should, really enjoying reading what I want and not getting caught into something don’t really want to read.  I left the Modern Mrs Darcy book club, and haven’t missed it, I know what I want to read and mostly books there don’t appeal to me. Being honest!

Recommendations, took a photo on my my phone of one book recommended so that I can put it into my notebook.

TBR/Library portion. 6 of the books were off my own TBR of books I own.  3 from the library. 4 review books which is reasonable.

Main Reading Goals for April

Continue to make sure I am reading for enjoyment the majority of the time.

Linking up with Nicole from FeedYourFiction Addiction.


11 thoughts on “March Reading Wrap Up”

  1. Wow, 13 books in a month! That is great! Looks like a good variety, too – I really want to read that Gary Schmidt book. And a mystery you don’t figure out is always fun!

    I SHOULD have done my March summary last week but instead I wrote a new review of a book I had just reviewed the week before! ha ha Yeah, it was just that kind of a week 🙂 Will get to my summary this week.

    Hope April is another great reading month for you!


    Book By Book

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    1. Martha it sure is important to read what we enjoy. I don’t know why I sometimes read something I don’t. Maybe I want to appear a better reader than I am!!


  2. Interesting when an author writes under a different name. I’m guessing for a different genre than what she’s known? I hope you have wonderful books to read in April!

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