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Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2019

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I am joining this challenge again for 2019. In 2018 I made 11 out of the 12 books, for 2019 I hope to read the full 12.

The topics are:

  1. A book you’ve been meaning to read. The Wednesday Wars  Gary D Schmidt
  2. A book about a topic that fascinates you.
  3. A book in the backlist of a favorite author.  Fox River.  Emilie Richards
  4. A book recommended to you by someone with great taste.
  5. Book One by same author. Carmel Harrington  The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.
  6. Book Two by same author.  Carmel Harrington Every Time a Bell Rings
  7. Book Three by same author.
  8. A book you chose for the cover  A Month of Sundays   Liz Byrski
  9. A book by an author who is new to you. The Huntress. Kate Quinn
  10. A book in translation  The Red Address Book. Sofia Lundberg
  11. A book (genre) outside your comfort zone. Meet Me at the Museum Anne Youngson – epistolary fiction.
  12. A book published before you were born.  Enchanted April.  Elizabeth Arnim


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