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What I Read for Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2019

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  1. A book you’ve been meaning to readThe Wednesday Wars  Gary D Schmidt And I am so happy to have finally gotten to this one. I loved it. Gary Schmidt writes wonderful middle grade fiction.
  2. A book about a topic that fascinates youHow Reading Changed my Life. Anne Quinden This had lots of thoughts about reading I could identify with. Not her lists though!  I’ll stick to my own.
  3. A book in the backlist of a favorite author.  Fox River.  Emilie Richards.  One I hadn’t read and while it was an older one I still enjoyed it.
  4. A book recommended to you by someone with great taste. The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay recommended by Katherine P from I Wish I Lived in a Library   Her review begins “Loved it” See for yourself. When she says that I sit up and take notice! This was definitely one of my favourites of 2019 and I am happy I have a copy sitting on my shelf.
  5. Book One by same author. Carmel Harrington  The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.
  6. Book Two by same author.  Carmel Harrington Every Time a Bell Rings
  7. Book Three by same author. Carmel Harrington. The Things I Should Have Told You.  Carmel Harrington is my new favourite Irish author, all her books are worth reading. Hope she has another in the near works ready for publishing.
  8. A book you chose for the cover  A Month of Sundays   Liz Byrski. This proved to be well worth reading and I have already another of hers now sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.
  9. A book by an author who is new to youThe Huntress. Kate Quinn. I thought this WW2 story was amazing if harrowing in parts.
  10. A book in translation  The Red Address Book. Sofia Lundberg. A beautiful, poignant story. It is the life of Doris – a 96 year old woman, now dying. But we meet all the people who were important to her. The people she loved. She had a hard life but she made the most of opportunities. I loved Jenny her great niece who insisted on being there for her and insisted on dignity and love for Doris.
  11. A book (genre) outside your comfort zone. Meet Me at the Museum Anne Youngson – epistolary fiction. This was slow paced but as it developed – interesting. What we see is a woman who has been deprived of genuine intimacy and she begins to find it in letters. ( It is often easier to be more real in the written word). Her marriage of forty years has been one of sacrifice and caring for the needs of others. If she is guilty of anything – she is guilty of not having her needs met. The ending is not detailed out, which is okay, because there is resolution in the way that she has come to know herself more deeply.
  12. A book published before you were born.  Enchanted April.  Elizabeth Arnim. Different to what I usually read, however the women were interesting and the setting idyllic. It also had me rushing off to find the movie and to watch it.
Reading challenge

Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2019

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I am joining this challenge again for 2019. In 2018 I made 11 out of the 12 books, for 2019 I hope to read the full 12.

The topics are:

  1. A book you’ve been meaning to read. The Wednesday Wars  Gary D Schmidt
  2. A book about a topic that fascinates you. How Reading Changed my Life. Anne Quinden
  3. A book in the backlist of a favorite author.  Fox River.  Emilie Richards
  4. A book recommended to you by someone with great taste. The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay recommended by Katherine P from I Wish I Lived in a Library
  5. Book One by same author. Carmel Harrington  The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.
  6. Book Two by same author.  Carmel Harrington Every Time a Bell Rings
  7. Book Three by same author. Carmel Harrington. The Things I Should Have Told You
  8. A book you chose for the cover  A Month of Sundays   Liz Byrski
  9. A book by an author who is new to you. The Huntress. Kate Quinn
  10. A book in translation  The Red Address Book. Sofia Lundberg
  11. A book (genre) outside your comfort zone. Meet Me at the Museum Anne Youngson – epistolary fiction.
  12. A book published before you were born.  Enchanted April.  Elizabeth Arnim


Reading challenge

Audiobook Challenge 2019.

2019 Audiobook Challenge
So time to take on an audiobook challenge for 2019.
Read all the details over at Caffeinated Reviewer or Hot Listens.
Read all about the challenge on either of the links above.
I am going for the Binge Listener level again. 20 -30.
My aim is for 30 books for 2019. But anything close to 30 is good and as I always listen at a slow speed as I like to thoroughly enjoy each book.


  1. Tides of Honour narration – Fajar Al- Kaisi. 4 stars. Length: 12hrs 23 min
  2. The Dream Daughter – narration Susan Bennett.  5 stars.  Length 13 hrs 32 min
  3. Cowboy Seal Homecoming – narration Romy Nordinger. 3 stars. Length 10hrs 24min
  4. True Places  Sonja Yoerg – 4.5 star. Narration Lisa Flanagan 5 stars  Length 12hrs 15 min
  5. Royal Blood.  Rhys Bowen 3.5 stars. Narration Katherine Kellgren 5 stars. Length 9hrs 20 min
  6. The Moon Sister.   Lucinda Riley 4 stars. Narration Imogen Wilde 4.5 stars. Length 19 hrs 53 min
  7. The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.  Carmel Harrington. 5 stars. Narration Aoife McMahon 4.5 stars
  8. Come From Away by Genevieve Graham. 4 stars. Narrator Michelle Ferguson 4 stars. Length 8 hrs 2min
  9. The Goodbye Cafe by Mariah Stewart 5 stars.  Narrator Joy Osmanski 5 stars. Length 13hrs 42 min
  10. The Rosie Result   Graeme Simsion 5 stars.  Narrator Graeme Simsion 5 stars.  Length 8 hrs 17 min
  11. No Place I’d Rather Be.  Cathy Lamb 5 stars. Narrators Lisa Flanagan , Kate Reading 5 stars. 14hrs 55min
  12. Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe. Jenny Colgan 4 stars. Narrator Penelope Rawlins 5 stars. 9 hours 8 min.
  13. Southern Side of Paradise  Kirsty Woodson Harvey  4 stars Narrators:Janet Metzger. Rebekkah  Ross 5 stars.  Length 10 hrs 19 min
  14. The Bookshop Penelope Fitzgerald.   4 stars.  Narrator :Eve Karpf  5 stars. Length: 4hrs 6min
  15. The Mother-in-Law  Sally Hepworth 4 stars. Narrator: Casey Withoos 5 stars. Length:  8hrs 3min

Second Half of Year.

  1. Between Georgia.  Joshilyn Jackson 4 stars Narration Joshilyn Jackson 5 stars. Length 9hrs 11min
  2. The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters. Balli Kaur Jaswal.  4 stars. Narrator Ayasha Kala 4 stars.   Length 12 hours 44 min
  3. Evvie Drake Starts Over.  Linda Holmes.  5 stars.  Narration Julia Whelan 5 stars. Length 9hrs 6 min
  4. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. Abbi Waxman 3.5 stars. Narration Jessica Preddy. 3 stars.  Length 9hrs 21 min.
  5. The Shell Seekers.  Rosamunde Pilcher   5 stars. Narration Hayley Atwell 5 stars. Length 19hrs 26min
  6. Connections in Death  J. D. Robb. 4 stars Narration Susan Ericksen 5 stars. Length 12hrs 19min
  7. The House on Tradd St.   Karen White. 4 stars. Narration: Aimée Bruneau. 13hrs 10min
  8. The Giver of Stars.  Jojo Moyes. 4.5 stars.  Narration Julia Whelan. 5 stars.  13hrs 52min
  9. Once a Marquess.  Courtenary Milan 4 stars. Narration Rosalyn Landor 4.5 stars. 8hr 58 min
  10. Words Get in the Way. Nan Rossitor 4 stars Narration Holly Cate 3 stars 6 hrs 29min
  11. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek 5 stars. Narration Katie Schorr 9 hrs 26 min

I am listening to Regretting You by Colleen Hoover and hope to have that to my tally my the end of 2019.  So that will be 27 which is a very good total for me! Happy with it.


Reading challenge

Library Challenge 2019


I am going to do the library challenge again which is hosted at Angela’s Guilty Pleasures.

Follow the link to get all the information.

In 2018 I used the library really well thanks to this challenge and went beyond my goal of 24. I learned how to reserve books while the books were still on order at the library and so I read a number of them that were published in 2018 and saved myself from buying them! My only difficulty was sometimes having so many become available at one time. Same difficulty in 2019! Oh well a great problem to have.

My goal for 2019 was Overdrive Junkie with 36 as the total. I just made it and what a great year at the library.

Books Read

  1. Becoming Mrs Lewis  Patti Callahan  Historical Fiction.   5 stars.
  2. Suitcase of Dreams  Tania Blanchard  Historical Fiction 4 stars.
  3. Marilla of Green Gables  Historical Fiction  4 stars
  4. The Red Address Book. Multi Time line Fiction. 4 stars
  5. Strawberry Hill  Catherine Anderson  3 stars
  6. Meet Me at the Museum   Anne Youngson 4 stars
  7. The Cottage at Rosella Cove   Sandi Docker   3 stars
  8. The Natural Home Wendyl Nissen  5 stars
  9. From Night Owl to Dogfish  4 stars Holly Sloan/Meg Wolitzer
  10. Ayesha at Last  Uzma Jalaluddin  4 stars
  11. The Accidental Beauty Queen  Teri Wilson  3 stars
  12. When We Left Cuba Chanel Cleeton 4 stars
  13. I’m Fine and Neither Are You  Camille Pagán. 4 stars
  14. Inheritance: A memoir of genealogy, paternity and love.  Dani Shapiro 4 stars
  15. The Secret of Clouds   Alyson Richman   4 stars
  16. The Gift of Friends.   Emma Hannigan.  5 star

Second Half of Year

  1. Ask Again, Yes. Mary Beth Keane.   3 stars
  2. The Summer Guests.  Mary Alice Monroe. 4 stars
  3. The Islanders. Meg Mitchell More.  4 stars
  4. The Huntress. Kate Quinn 5 stars
  5. The Friends We Keep Jane Green 3 stars
  6. Death in Kew Gardens.  Jennifer Ashley. 4 stars
  7. Waiting for Tom Hanks  Kerry Winfrey 3 stars
  8. The Summer of Sunshine and Margot Susan Mallery 4 stars
  9. Ellie and the Harp Maker. Hazel Prior 5 stars
  10. The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide David N. Daniels. Virginia Price.  4 stars.  Non Fiction

  11. Field Notes on Love. Jennifer E Smith 4 stars.
  12. The Recipe Box. Viola Shipman. 5 stars
  13. A Curious Beginning Deanna Raybourne 4 stars
  14. Keep her Safe.  K. A. Tucker 4 stars.
  15. The Stationery Shop of Tehran 4 stars.
  16. Window on the Bay. Debbie Macomber 3 stars
  17. The Bookman’s Tale.  Charlie Lovatt.  4 stars
  18. Never Have I Ever.  Joshilyn Jackson 4 stars
  19. Celine. Peter Heller.  5 stars
  20. The Story of Arthur Truluv 5 stars
Reading challenge

Connect Five Books Reading Challenge


Join me for 2019 in Connect Five – Books.

Let’s look at connections for books… what books link for some reason or another.

When you have five that connect in whatever way you are able to group them then link up. How might you do this?

  • Write and link up a blog post
  • Share the five books on Instagram and link up
  • Have a Goodreads shelf and link that up – this may be a little different but maybe use it in combination with a comment.
  • Or… if you belong to none of these places, share five books in a comment.

What’s the Challenge?

To look for connections between books you read. There will be  many connections that just float over our awareness. Let’s see can we raise that a bit, whether its fairly surface level or something deeper.


Here are some examples that might get you thinking! It’s not hard work, you don’t need to plan it out, just see what happens.

It could be ….

  • Five books of the same genre
  • Five books by the same author
  • Five books with a similar theme or issue being explored for example mother/daughter relationships
  • Five books from the same series
  • Five books you bought in 2018
  • Five books from the depths of your TBR
  • Five books with fabulous covers
  • Five debut books
  • Five new to you authors
  • Five books that weren’t for you.
  • Five books that really connect to your own life in some way.
  • Five books with the theme of friendship

And you can come up with ones you think of… there will be so many.


  • The five books connection cannot be too simple, for example five paperbacks or five ebooks or five women authors – unless of course you hardly ever read women authors. I could challenge myself and have a group though of five male authors because I hardly ever read male authors! Five USA authors would be rather simple, but it could be five USA authors from the same state.
  • A book can only be used once.
  • The books must be read in 2019.
  • Books can be carried over until you have five of something. It may take a few months to gather five of something.
  • You may have  many connections of five to link up . So if you have two groups of five then you can link up twice and so on within a month.
  • You may just link one group of five during the year sometime or many each month.
  • You don’t have to write a commitment post but if that helps to remind you then that is an excellent idea and any way you can share this challenge is welcomed. Use the hashtag  #connect5books2019


Each month I will post a link up on the last Wednesday of the month. The link up will be open until the  Tuesday before the last Wednesday of the next month. The first link will go up in January 30th 2019.  Link up at any time during that following month. And then we will roll on with each month.


The Bonus – A Giveaway

For those who have a five book connection and link up there will be a random prize draw for one reader who will win a book of their choice for that month from the Book Depository. The last link up will be posted in November and go through December. At the end of the year there will be one draw as well for all those who have participated during the year, –  a book of choice from the Book Depository.

And a Connect Five from 2018

Browsing through my reading from this year I can see a number of connects.

  1. Books that have quite a bit to do with books and libraries.

    Four are obvious, but Harry’s Trees includes a library that if it doesn’t get any funding it will close down – it has one very elderly but loyal volunteer librarian.

  2. Books that are about Christmas or the Spirit of Christmas.
  3. Books with a theme of family

    And it could have been possible if I was reading with more awareness that I could have collected books about family that deal with just sisters and brothers, or adoption, or marriage.  I could see a connection where children played a significant role in the plot but I’d already used Harry’s Trees in another connect so no go!


Read the Books you Buy Reading Challenge 2017

Read the Books you Buy Reading Challenge 2017

“When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes”. Erasmus 

Bought the book, you really want to read it…. and then it gets surpassed by review books or library books or other TBR books.

So this is a Reading Challenge to Read the books you buy. You don’t buy books? Well then this challenge isn’t for you. Now at the start of 2017 you won’t be sure of what you are going to buy or how many books you will buy.

So – choose from one of the percentages below and go for it.  Make a commitment post and link up below. List the books you buy in the post as you spend throughout the year and then mark off as you read them.

If you don’t have a blog you can do this on Goodreads with something like a ‘bought 2017’ shelf and you’ll easily be able to see at the end of the year how you’ve gone. Leave a comment on the post with a link to the shelf to signal your participation, if using Goodreads. Or.. you can place the link on the link up.

20% or less      Money Sitting on the Shelf.

21 – 40%          Making Inroads.

41 – 60 %         Moderately Successful

61 – 80 %        Maximising  Returns

81 – 100%       Mission Accomplished


  • Books have been bought in 2017 by you or you can decide to include from and including July 2016 buys. Anything previous to that definitely falls into the dusty TBR realm! There is a challenge somewhere in the book world for that!
  • Can be ebook, print book or audiobook
  • You can decide whether you include books bought in 2017 second hand or in book fairs etc.
  • Books for this challenge can also be included in other challenges.
  • Runs from 1st January to 31st of December 2017
I encourage you not to think this through too much, go on buying as you normally do – in a large or small way.

Authors write books, they deserve to be read and enjoyed and paid as well! So I know we love our review books, library books, 2nd hand books etc. But … if you can – buy books as well.

There will be one mid year link up to share how you are going, in the beginning of July.

Mid Year Link Up  now open

In December there will be the final link up to share where you reached. You may not reach your goal, but just link up to account for yourself!

The link ups just mean re linking your commitment post but updated.

In the July link there will be a $10 Amazon voucher giveaway prize for one reader among those who link up and at the end in December a $25 Amazon voucher or books to that amount from the Book Depository if it delivers to your country.  Even if you don’t get to where you hoped you can still link up, so long as you bought a book during 2017 and joined the challenge!



Winners in Full House and Women’s Fiction Reading Challenges 2015

winner banner

Women’s Fiction Reading Challenge 2015

July to December Link up: 
Overall Challenge Winner:

Full House Reading Challenge 2015

October – November Link Up:
Claudia  –  My Soul Called Life
Overall Challenge Winner:
Kristen from The Book Monsters
Thanks to everyone who participated. Well done to those who completed the challenges and then linked up!

New To You Reading Challenge 2016

New To You Square

This is hosted by Anna at The Herd Presents and I enjoyed it last year so I am in again. I like it because if covers a few news -A new author, a new genre, a new series, a debut book, etc.

Level 1 (Sunbathing): 6 books
Level 2 (Dipping the Toes): 12 books
Level 3 (Wading In): 25 books
Level 4 (Going for a Swim): 50 books
Level 5 (Diving In):  75 books
 Level 6 (Canon Ball. All in!)75+ books

Books Read:

  1.  Wolfskin  Juliet Marillier   new to me author, 1st in a duology
  2.  Falling Home   Karen White   new to me author.
  3. Magic Bites Ilona Andrews  first in a series
  4. This Raging Light   Estelle Laure debut novel
  5. Hearth Song   Lois Greiman    new to me author
  6. The Expatriates  Janice Y. K. Lee  new to me author
  7. The Edge of Lost  Kristina McMorris   new to me author
  8. Who’s Afraid      Maria Lewis    new to me author.
  9. Year of Yes   Shonda Rhimes – first time reading her.
  10. The Ramblers  Aidan Donnelley Rowley  new to me author.   
  11. Secrets of a Charmed Life   Susan Meissner  new to me author.
  12. Flight of Dreams   Ariel Lawhon   new to me author.
  13. The Butterfly Summer  Harriet Evans  new to me author
  14.  The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris  Jenny Colgan   new to me author
  15. The Two-Family House Linda Cohan Loigman
  16. The Weekends of You and Me   Fiona Walker
  17. The War Bride   Pamela Hart  – new to me author
  18. A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald   Natasha Lester – new to me author
  19. The Thing Is      Kathleen Gerard – new to me author
  20. Clean Break   Abby Vegas – new to me author
  21. The Fifth Avenue Artists Society   Joy Callaway  new to me author
  22. Miller’s Valley   Anna Quindlen   new to me author
  23. The Choices We Make   Karma Brown  new to me author
  24. Last Ride to Graceland   Kim Wright   new to me author
  25. I Found You    Lisa Jewell   new to me author
  26. Breakaway   Catherine Gayle  new to me author and 1st in series
  27.  Overseas   Beatriz Williams   Her debut book
  28. The Joyce Girl    Annabel Abs New to me author
  29. Leave Me   Gayle Forman   new to me author
  30. The Beekeeper’s Secret Josephine Moon
  31. The Promise Kitchen   Peggy Lampman  new to me author
  32. Finding Libbie   Deanna Lynn Sletten  new to me author
  33. One Less Problem Without You  Beth Harbison  new to me author
  34. Sleepless in Manhattan  Sarah Morgan 1st in a trilogy
  35. I’m Still Here Clelie Avit   new to me author
  36. Belgravia  Julian Fellowes new to me author
  37. Must Love Wieners  Casey Griffin  new to me author
  38. Linny’s Sweet Dream List Susan Schild new to me author
  39. Dear Thing   Julie Cohen  new to me author
  40. Close to You   Kara Isaac new to me author
  41. The Vintage Springtime Club  Beatrice Meier  new to me author
  42. Everyone Brave is Forgiven   Chris Cleave new to me author
  43.  Offensive Behavior  Ainslie Paton  1st in trilogy
  44. Once a Rancher Linda Lael Miller   1st in trilogy
  45. From Here to There   Marie Bostwick  new to me author
  46. One True Loves  Taylor Reid Jenkins new to me author
  47. Gaining Visibility   Pamela Hearson
  48. Don’t Let Me Go   Catherine Ryan Hyde  new to me author
  49.  It Ends With Us    Colleen Hoover   new to me author
  50. The Christmas Town  Donna VanLiere  new to me author
  51. Jane Steele   Lindsay Faye  new to me author.

Reading Challenges for 2015 – Looking Back

Reading Challenges

One Daisy at a Time
Let’s see how I managed
my reading challenges
this year.

As the year comes to a close it is time for me to look back at the reading challenges that I participated in.

I know many of you aren’t into reading challenges and that’s okay.

At the moment I enjoy them, so I participate. However I am a little picky and I like some more than others.

On the whole I succeeded at most of them and had some big failures as well. But that’s okay – I just found out what’s me and what’s not!

Challenges I set my sights on.

COYER Challenge 20 December to 6th March

The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2015
Completed. This is the most challenging challenge. It’s a real challenge!!

Alphabet Soup Challenge
Completed and lots of fun.

New To You Reading Challenge
Surprised at how many new I do read. Completed

NetGalley Reading Challenge

2015 Library Challenge

Aussie Author Challenge 2015

2015 Reading Assignment Challenge
Wow I signed up for 4 a month. Stupid me!! But anyway I am almost completed – just one more to go and I will be completed by end of December. It has been my real TBR shelf clear out. Well not a clear out, but it has rid me of a few. Definitely going to do this again, but at a lower level!

2015 Audiobook Challenge
Yay, me. Completed.

The Color Coded Reading Challenge 2015
Completed. Fun finding books to fit, not that hard in the end.

The Prequel and Sequel Reading Challenge 2015
Like this one, very sensible reading challenge. Best of series challenges that I have come across.

Women’s Fiction Reading Challenge 2015
Completed it. Of course!

Full House Reading Challenge 2015
Easy as!

Goodreads Challenge of number of books
Surpassed the 140 I set. But still not going to go too much higher next year. I might find better things to do than read!

Australian Women Writer’s Reading Challenge

Take Control of Your TBR
In March on Caffeinated
Completed and enjoyed.

Lost in Translation Reading Challenge
Just went for two and completed it.

Authors A – Z Reading Challenge
Completed and was fun.

The Reading Challenge Addict
So of course because I fell out of some I didn’t complete this challenge. But far enough to make me happy. So counting it on the plus side!

Didn’t Complete:

Official TBR Challenge 2015

Made the mistake of not listing a couple of stand ins if I had a DNF, so in the end I was happy to let it slide.
2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge
Stink. No really, this was a bit of a failure. Most likely the goals were not me. Gave up early on the cooking goal. Although I pretty much almost completed the book related goals though, just stopped tracking. Who wants to track how many comments they make in a week! No, didn’t think so.

2015 Book Blog Discussions Challenge
Thought of posts to use for this but just didn’t do it. Prefer to read!

Next Year

I am already planning what I will do next year, not as many as this year. Just the ones I really enjoy.

As well:

I also worked on a WordPress free online course, Lorelle’s WordPress School tutorials, I sort of gave up on it and came back to it recently. I now at this point in time have a paid blog – Discovering Daisies that I have decided to keep going and a free one that I will use for the course. That will help me to keep blogging on the paid WordPress instead of just letting it sit there trying to figure out the course. There is a challenge in April I think the A-Z Blogging challenge and I thought I might do that. (No Laurel-Rain, I will never have as many blogs as you!)
That little in post thingy at the top of the post – yeah me, I was able to code that in!  Small steps. Just a beginner, but it could end up fun.