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I can really get lost in series, start new ones and know I have others to continue but they go on hold. So it is time to set some priorities.  Here is where I want to focus.

Death at the Crystal Palace
#5 in the Below Stairs series. I am pretty up to date with this series but I guess there will be another one out this year, so I need to read it. And its off my print TBR shelf so that is a plus.

Queen of Hearts#8 in the Royal Spyness series.

I enjoy this series on audiobook and so will be one  on my audio agenda. I did think of skipping a few but probably won’t!

The Book of Candlelight #3 in the Secret Book and Scone Society. I recently enjoyed #2 and while I have the women fairly recent and sorted in my mind I need to follow up with this one. Again via audiobook.

Nothing to Fear #4 in a romantic suspense series. I have read two so far this year and to read this one I want to buy it. But before I do that I have to read three off my print shelf so won’t be the first series book off the line.

The attic on queen street#7 in the Tradd St series. And that will close the series and I will be finished. Again an audio version is what I go for.

So eyes off other books in series. And I am already started a reread of a favourite Nora Roberts series and Go Tell the Bees I am Gone – #9 in the Outlander series is going to take me a long time to read. I am barely making a dent in it, but thoroughly enjoying it.


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11 thoughts on “Next in Series”

  1. *waves*👋 hi Kathryn. How’re you today? You’re not still in shelter-in-place, yeah? Your first, three books are series I want to read! I have moved them up, but I still need to finish the small stack (two books) of Asian fantasy books I have. It’s so fun browsing for books, putting them on holds, and picking them up, LOL. I have one to pick up soon that will probably have to be a priority because there’s a holds list on it and I’m trying to get into the meat of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns.


  2. I just listened to the first in that Ellery Adams series and I so much enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure at first because Nora is hard to get to know but I was hooked pretty quickly and so sorry to see it end. I’m glad it’s the beginning of the series! I enjoy the Jennifer Ashley and the Rhys Bowen series. I need to try the Karen Rose and give the Karen White series another choice.


    1. Katherine I decided to listen to #3 I think it is in the next Ellery Adams series. Karen Rose is very good, but it is very crime oriented and I have to skip bits!


  3. I am anxiously awaiting the next Kat Holloway book too. I love that series! I haven’t even started the Secret Book and Scone Society series yet, but it’s one I hope to read. I am way behind in the Tradd Street series. I have a lot of catching up to do. I enjoy settling into a series too, and like you, find myself starting new ones knowing I have series I’m already involved in I need to catch up with. You have a lot of great reading ahead of you!

    Have a great weekend, Kathryn! Thank you for hosting!

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