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Celebrating 2018 Books and Reading

Top Books for 2018

I read about 155 books this year and here are the ones I really loved.

A Favourite New to Me Author

This Irish author – I’ll be back reading her books as time goes by, I have already purchased an audio for future happiness. Trish from Between my Lines introduced me to this book, and I just loved it. I borrowed it from the library but I am waiting till I can buy it with this cover and then I will buy it. I know this cover doesn’t look much, but read the book and then went “perfect cover”.

book cover

A Debut that I Liked

Extraordinary book for a debut, beautifully written, one that sucked me in, even though I wasn’t happy about the ending but that is neither here nor there!

book cover


This cover just says “read me” when I look at it, and I love the colours and the Christmas lights.

book cover

Addictive Read

Well that would be the Fatal series by Marie Force and this year was no different. And as can be seen from my Goodreads Year in Books – so many other readers are with me on that! By the way that’s not the highest rated book on Goodreads. Just out of the books I’ve read this year! This series I just love. Romantic suspense in spades. But should be read from Book one.




So thought provoking

This one touched my heart and mind. What about you might ask? Homelessness. Such a memorable book.

book cover

Best Library find

I borrowed this from the library in CD audiobook format, a bit of a pain listening on CD but I made it work for me and was great listening. Saved me a credit at Audible! That said, 2018 was the year of the library for me, so many new 2018 books read from there.

Book cover

Thank you to the wonderful authors who wrote these books and many thanks to bloggers who shared their reads and hooked me in to reading them.

23 thoughts on “Celebrating 2018 Books and Reading”

    1. I know a bit the same our library works too, as soon as I notice they have the book ordered I put a request in for it, and then by the time it is ready for me I have forgotten I even asked for it!!

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  1. 155 books in one year?? Wow, that’s impressive, Kathryn! Way to go πŸ™‚

    Sounds like there were lots of good ones, too. The only one I read of your top favorites was The Great Alone (and I agree!). I also enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing and had a blast interviewing the author – you wouldn’t believe the gorgeous Southern drawl she has – lots of fun talking to her about her own childhood playing in the marshes.

    Hope 2019 is another great reading year for you!!


    Book By Book

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  2. I just finished The Great Alone and loved it. I started reading The Christmas Sisters and thought it was great, but stopped reading it until it is time to read it for book club. I need to use your list as a guide for my next book as it looks like we have the same tastes in books.


    1. Marti I am so happy to hear you loved The Great Alone. I have a fairly varied taste in reading but its always good to intersect with other readers – if someone does not enjoy any of the books I like then there is nothing to really be connected by.


  3. I’ve read and enjoyed The Promise Between Us, The Secret to Southern Charm, Between You and Me, The Christmas Sisters, and The Great Alone. I also read The Man She Married but didn’t connect with it that well. So many wonderful books to look at; I’ll go in search of some of them right now and see if I’m all in. Happy New Year, Kathryn!

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    1. That’s quite a few in common. I’d say Cathy Lamb is not for everyone, I just happen to love her style of writing. Happy New Year Rita, hope things are going okay for you.


  4. Great list! I haven’t read The Sea of Tranquility for years, but I remember really loving it. I read The Great Alone this year and it was the most anxiety-inducing book I think I’ve ever read, but it was definitely good. Here’s to more books in 2019!

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    1. Kristilyn yes I had the Sea of Tranquillity in mind for a long time. I think I have it on Kindle and then decided on the audio which was so good. May your 2019 be great with books too.


  5. Hi Kathryn! I’m going to go check out the A Thousand Roads Home and the Marie Force series. Thanks for the recommendation! Happy Happy New Year to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I think A Thousand Roads Home publishes in the US about mid year. If you like romantic suspense then the Marie Force series could be a possibility!! Happy New Year to you and Sue and hope you can soon be buying new fabric!! πŸ˜‰

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