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Other Book Related Challenges I am Joining 2019


Hosted by Nicole at Feed You Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at Midnight.  Check out the guidelines there.

I am going to join this at the Discussion Dabbler level. (1-10) Oh yes, just a few toes in!  I’ll aim for 10 but anything from 1 on is a win!  #LetDiscuss2019


Hosted by Kathleen at  SMS Non Fiction Reviews

It challenges us to pick a topic – preferably something we don’t know much about and read three books about it. I haven’t decided what I’ll read but will make that decision a little later on.

Living a Healthier Life.

The Natural Home Wendyl Nissen


Anna at The Herd hosts this one and has twelve words to blog about in the year. I am going to give it a go.  It can be any kind of post, not necessarily about books.

2019 Prompts
Jan- First           First Book of the Year
Feb- Pink          I’m Not Tickled Pink
Mar- Luck
April- Sweet
May- Bloom
June- Risk
July- Heat
Aug- Sky
Sept- Crunch
Oct- Shiver
Nov- Thankful
Dec- Twinkle




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