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This week it’s about the top books I recommend to others. And of course that depends on the reader. A book I might recommend to one I might not recommend to another because of reading taste. But here are some that I really loved and would recommend to the right reader.

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Okay for Now. Gary D. Schmidt.  For those who love an excellent middle grade book.  It has an excellent hero Doug and heroine Lil and I just fell in love with it. About friendship  and community.  I have read it a couple of times and want to reread it.  Historical fiction.

Tell Me Three Things. Julie Buxbaum. If you are a YA reader. It is contemporary realistic fiction. The kind of book that almost reads itself. I loved Jessie and the journey she takes through grief, change, a new blended family, a new school and new friends, coping with bullies. Ethan was delightful too and SN. Some humour, some wisdom and insight. Valuing the authentic self as opposed to being popular and plastic.

The Gunckle. Steven Rowley. A gay uncle takes over care of a young niece and nephew for awhile. Full of humour and poignancy. A whole journey of loss and grief and finding a way through it, with great compassion and love.

A Thousand Roads Home. Carmel Harrington. Contemporary fiction by an Irish author. My top favourite of hers. It explores homelessness, friendship and second chances. Quirky characters and a loveable dog. It’s sad yet uplifting.

One Mountain Away.  Emilie Richards. For those who love good women’s fiction. The first in the Goddess Anonymous series, although each book is a full stand alone.  It explores issues with a lot of compassion and friendship, love and cover

Ten Beach Road. Wendy Wax. Contemporary fiction about  a group of women down on their luck who pull together and renovate an historic property in Florida. Plenty of drama along the way. And if you enjoy it there is a couple of more books that follow it.

The Bookshop on the Shore. Jenny Colgan. So if you like romance set in Scotland this is for you. Plus it has Nina and a travelling bookshop. I love this kind of book magic that draws me into a story. It often surprised a laugh out of me. It often had me worrying over the outcome for characters. There are some serious issues that are explored.

First Lady. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. For. those who love a good. romance with some White House thrown in. ( I do).  Nealy is being First Lady for her father but she escapes from it and finds herself on a road trip with a father and and two girls. Has drama and humour and later on has a follow up book.

Snowed in for Christmas. Sarah Morgan. Romance – set in the Highlands. What more could you want? Well a well told story with a quirky character or two at Christmas time. It just has such a warm, cosy, family feel to it. I felt like I was there in Scotland, with snow and wonderful smells and the chaos of family interactions.

State of Affairs.  Marie Force. Romantic suspense readers will enjoy this. It is a spin off of a previous series so you may be better off reading that first but if not pick it up here where Nick and Sam find themselves in the White House. Sam retains her job with the police so of course there is mystery and crime involved. As well as that all the intrigue of politics. A very addictive series.

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13 thoughts on “Books I Recommend”

  1. Emilie Richards is always a good recommendation and I loved the Richards and Morgan books. Now I need to go pick up the rest of these – especially the Marie Force! That’s been on my TBR for ages.


  2. I loved The Guncle! Read it not too long after I lost my husband so I could relate in so many ways. Brought me the laughs I needed, too.


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