Month in Review

June Reading Round Up

Total books read this month:  11

Book Ratings

The Library at the Edge of the World.  3.5 stars
Riverbend Road. 3 stars
The Homewreckers 4.5 stars
The Wedding Dress Circle. 4.5stars
Summer on the Island 4 stars
Count to Ten 4.5 stars
How Hard Can it Be?   3.5 stars
Bloomsbury Girls. 4 stars
The Tuesday Night Survivor’s Club  4 stars
The Cartographers.  3.5 stars
The Edge of Summer. Viola Shipman 4.5 stars

New to me authors:

Felicity Hayes- McCoy
Allison Pearson
Lyn Cahoon*

ones I’d want to read again. *

Top Book for June.

It was really hard to pick the top book this month as I had a few that were equal, so I looked at them and I said if I could only keep one what would it be?

book cover

Looking forward to reading in July

I liked the first book by this author and so I am hoping I’ll like this one too.

book cover

Review of Reading Goals  for June

Completed except for the reading of Pride and Prejudice.

Main Reading Goals for  July

Read five from my own print shelf.
Read more of Pride and Prejudice.

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8 thoughts on “June Reading Round Up”

  1. So many great books! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Lynn Cahoon book. If you do read more from her I recommend the Tourist Trap series. I really need to read Viola Shipman. I haven’t read a single book by that author but I really want to – especially seeing The Edge of Summer as your favorite for the month.

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  2. Kathryn, Thanks.  I put all of the books you rated 4.5 stars on my TBR list, except Wedding Dress Sewing Circle, which I had already enjoyed.  I already ordered 2 of them from my library. Judy Zell

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