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And thank you to the Library

While my main reading goal is to read from my own shelf sometimes there will be the need to read a book from the library. So I am keeping a list of what I need to get from the library. This year though I will only put in a request for one at a time, so that I don’t get swamped by them. So far I have borrowed and read five in 2022 from the library.

Finding Junie KimEvery school library in the country should have this book. If I were still teaching it would go to the top of my list to read aloud and discuss with the class.

It is set in a middle grade USA school, and a Korean family.

I learned a lot about the Korean War. I loved how Junie learned about her Grandfather and grandmother and their life in Korea during very difficult times.

I thought the issue of racism in its many forms was handled well. It always saddens me to hear of racism, which is so rife in my culture in New Zealand but everywhere. Let’s all stand against it. Thank you Ellen Oh for an amazing book.  I heard about this book at the Nerdy Book Club.

book coverThis is next on my list and I  put a reservation in for it once I finished Finding Junie Kim. Set against the backdrop of World War II, Anna, Edmund, and William are evacuated from London to live in the countryside, bouncing from home to home in search of a permanent family.

I heard about it on the Currently Reading podcast and made a note that I wanted to read it. Again its middle grade. I would have bought it but only in hardback at moment and at near $50NZ it was too costly. Library to the rescue!  5 stars

Sweet Salt AirSweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinksy was a big favourite read for me.

I really enjoyed this book. The setting, the characters and the challenges they had. It drew me in at the beginning, kept revealing things that made me keep picking it up all the time. No dead spots. My kind of book. Loved Charlotte and Leo especially and the journey Nicole and Julian had to take. So happy I picked it up to read.  5 stars

book coverExcellent story. The dual time line worked well for me and I am not a fan of them. The 1965 civil rights was insightful and heart breaking. Ellie was brave and was willing to put her life on the line. Win – just so sad. It is just so horrible the way people divide and hate because of total ignorance and unwillingness to see. Kayla’s story in 2010 linked through setting and people. As well as liking Ellie I liked Kayla and her plight. This story just kept me reading on – totally engaged. Also well researched and informative. 5 stars

book coverI saw The Cartographers through to the end. It is an interesting mix of thriller, suspense, mystery and fantasy. When Nell discovers a strange map after her father dies, she is led into a strange world and a mystery town that started many years ago, with a group of cartographers – her parents among them.

The story was an interesting concept and I did want to see how it all panned out. At times I came close to giving up but still wanted to know how it worked out, and while the traitor becomes obvious fairly early on, it takes awhile for some of the characters to realise.

3.5 stars.


5 thoughts on “And thank you to the Library”

  1. I pick up a non-fiction print book occasionally but use my library mostly for audiobooks via the app. I really liked Sweet Salt Air!


  2. I loved Sweet Salt Air! I have it on my Kindle Cloud…I think! LOL

    I also enjoyed The Last House on the Street.

    Someday I plan to use the library again. In the meantime, I have to renew my card, and then I can use my Kindle Libby app.


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