The Tuesday Night Survivors’ Club

The Tuesday Night Survivor's Club

Published: Kensington
Date: 14th June 2022
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Two things got Rarity Cole through her breast cancer treatments: friends and books. Now cancer-free, Rarity is devoting her life to helping others find their way through the maze to healing. She’s opened a bookstore focusing on the power of healing—Eastern medicine, Western medicine, the healing power of food, the power of meditation, and the importance of developing a support community. To that end, she’s also started the Tuesday Night Survivors book club. With its openness to new-age communities, Sedona, Arizona, is the perfect fit for Rarity’s bookstore and the tightly knit group.

But their therapeutic unity is disrupted when one of their members suddenly goes missing. Martha has always kept to herself, never opening up much of her personal life to the group. Now she’s nowhere to be found. With her car abandoned on a trail and her dog left with a friend, Rarity is sure something terrible had happened—but will she be able to uncover Martha’s secrets before it’s too late?

The first book in a new Cosy Mystery series and it gets off to a great start. We have a bookseller – Rarity who wants to start a book club of locals who have survived cancer. She has opened her shop next door to her best friend Sam’s crystal shop.

And so the group begins but is it a book club or a sleuthing club? I was a bit disappointed the book club never really focused on the books but they sure did focus when one of their group is murdered.

As Rarity settles in to her new town, she finds she wants and gets a dog, and they quickly form a bond. As well there are a couple of men in the picture, Sam has her eye on one and Rarity on the other. Just as well! It will be interesting to see how that all pans out.

The mystery is good, at first I could see four suspects, but they get narrowed down and one towards the end looks just a tad more suspicious.

A promising start to a new series. I’ll be watching for the next one!

8 thoughts on “The Tuesday Night Survivors’ Club”

  1. This was one of those right time right books for me and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I loved the relationship between Rarity and Killer and like you I’m looking forward to the next book!


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