Lost Coast Literary. Ellie Alexander

book cover

Published:  Sweet Lemon Press

Date: March 29th 2022

Source:Publisher via NetGalley

Book editor Emily Bryant finds herself unexpectedly in the charming town of Cascata on California’s Lost Coast, holding the keys to her grandmother’s rambling Victorian mansion. While sorting through her grandmother’s things, Emily learns that to inherit the estate she must edit old manuscripts. It’s a strange request from a family member who was basically a stranger.

Emily quickly realizes that there’s something different about these manuscripts. Any changes she makes, come true. At first, she embraces the gift. She has a chance to help characters find true love or chart a new course for their future. Only things go terribly wrong. Her edits have the opposite effect. The sweet and funky seaside community of Cascata is reeling from the chaos Emily has created. Everything she thought she believed about her family and her past is in jeopardy, and no amount of re-writing can fix the damage she’s done.

Then she finds one last manuscript. If Emily can get this edit right, then maybe she’ll have a chance to create a new narrative for herself and everyone around her.

A reader may be acquainted with Ellie Alexander’s mystery books, but this is not one of them. It is a delightful step out into an entirely different story. It is set up on the Lost Coast of the Northern West Coast of the USA.

Narrowing in further, it is set in the most wonderful Victorian mansion. Note the front copy of the book. I want to visit it, it is full of books and hidden nooks. It is to this house that Emily arrives at after being summoned by her Uncle after her grandmother dies.

Emily is an aspiring editor in New York and it takes some pulling to get her to come to Lost Coast Literary, the name of her grandmother’s house.

Emily has been estranged from the Lost Coast side of her family, and as she carries out some of her grandmother’s wishes she becomes acquainted with them and the local community, and did I say – the house!

I’ll leave the rest for you if you by chance read this book. I suspect any lover of books and a bit of magical realism would enjoy it. As Ellie Alexander I note on her website runs writing courses for aspiring writers, I believe within these pages too may be some hints.

A fun book to read and have your heart touched by.

8 thoughts on “Lost Coast Literary. Ellie Alexander”

  1. I really enjoy Ellie Alexander’s mysteries but I hesitated on this one. It sounds completely different but interesting. I’ll have to add this one. I’ve heard some great reviews for the writing course. That’s not on my To Do list but it’s always interesting to see writing tips – kind of a behind the scenes look.

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  2. Hi Kathryn! Oh, I really enjoy Ellie Alexander’s mystery books. I will give this a try, and I’ll also check out her website for writing tips. While I don’t aspire to write a novel, it never hurts to improve my writing skills overall. Thanks! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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