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Five Books from Five Shelves

I have five shelves on my bookcase with about twenty books in each. I decided to pull one book from each shelf and endeavour to read them over October. They are all authors I have read before.

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The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle

This one has been on my shelf since a book fair in 2019, and I have been going past it. It is by Australian author Sophie Green and I have read one of her previous books.

It’s about a friendship between four women who find each other I think as they swim each day in the ocean.

The Mother's Promise I bought this one new, most likely when it published in 2017 and then it has sat there and Sally Hepworth has published far more since then! I think she was born in England but lives in Australia, so if you live in the country then I call you Australian!

Silver LiningsI got this at a book fair, not sure when. It is #4 in her Rose Harbor series. I have been reading it, so time to read on and see what is happening  in Cedar Cove at the Inn.

book coverI bought this recently because it is one I hadn’t read and I just felt like an old style book by Kristan Higgins.  Just a plain straight romance.

book cover

A nostalgic read from childhood. A few years back I bought the whole set of these books – a reprint, so not original covers. Anyway they cost quite a bit and I haven’t read them all (seven altogether). So I decided to make a start!

So if I can fit them all in they will be October reads.


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9 thoughts on “Five Books from Five Shelves”

  1. What a fun idea for tackling those TBRs! Our TBR bookcase now has double rows on most shelves, so we are losing the battle!

    I haven’t read any of these authors, but we had an old Ya series about a “student nurse” here, too! Cherry Ames, circa 1950’s & 60’s.

    Enjoy your October reading!

    Book By Book

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  2. Silver lining book I read this year I enjoyed it. Nice easy read. I need to read the last book this year too.

    I like the look of your other books too. Hope you get to them this month.

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