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One Hobby leads to Another

My two main hobbies are reading and quilting. Of course reading came long before quilting. It was actually because of my reading that quilting became a hobby. The two have similarities! My eyes are always on “more”. More books, more fabric! More patterns and more quilts I might make. Like books I have a TBQ shelf  shelves of fabrics and pattens!

Book covers are linked to Goodreads in case you want to explore any of the books.

book coverThe book that started it all for me. There are five books in the Shenandoah Album by Emilie Richards and I loved them all. They are all about women and threaded in are some quilting. As I read I became enamoured by quilts.

It wasn’t until many years later as I neared retirement the I was sucked into quilting. I am not a sewer, but thank you to You Tube, Craftsy, Missouri Star Quilt Company and later Fat Quarter shop I’ve been developing some skills.

Quilting is addictive as reading!

I have read this first book in J Chiaverini’s series. The characters were endearing and there was definitely quilt talk. I haven’t read much else in the series, it didn’t wow me that much, but I might pick up a few more to see what I think.  There are quite a few in the series so it would give me some reading!

book coverMary Marks has written a cosy mystery series that held me all the way through to #9. And I await another hopefully in 2022.

Fun characters and lovely but not too intrusive to the story – quilting. Plus Mary Marks really knows her quilting.

book coverThis one is on my actual print TBR shelf. And the second one as well. A cozy mystery series and I think it has a good enough rep to say I will probably read through the series for a bit of quilting buzz.

book coverAnd finally another on my actual print TBR. It’s the first in a kilts and quilts series and has about 8 books in it. So if I like the one I’ll keep going.

I have also added other possibilities to my GR shelf that I might chase down.  While I love quilts I also want strong story lines and characters as well and not all quilt fiction is equal!

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12 thoughts on “One Hobby leads to Another”

  1. I think it was a combination of that specific Emilie Richards book and my Grandmother that really has made me want to learn how to quilt! I loved that book. All of these look wonderful and I’m glad to know that you waited till near retirement to really learn.

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  2. I knit and read so I completely understand the I Need More issue, ha. Sadly the yarn supply chain has been significantly hampered by the pandemic. The up side is I’m using my stash!

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  3. I LOVE quilts! I’ve never learned the art, but I have collected a few over the years made by others. Sadly, I no longer have them, thanks to those who moved me from my condo three years ago! Will I ever get over that? I used to have a townhouse with a loft, and I hung them over the rail.

    I also have fond memories of the Quilting Bees my mother went to when I was a child. My favorite part was listening to their stories. I noticed how adult women don’t often pay attention to the “big ears” nearby. LOL


  4. I’m enamoured of quilting and reading about quilting as well, although I haven’t done any quilting yet. I am now reading Richards’ series and so enjoying it. I have read a few of Chiaverini’s books and enjoyed those. Enjoy your reading!


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