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Meet Daunis the Fire Keeper’s Daughter.

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This month I read a book that is a little unusual for me, but still within the bounds of what I like to read. So today I have five things to share about Daunis, the main character.

  1. Daunis is an eighteen year old of mixed heritage. Her mother is white and her Dad belonged to the Ojibwe people. Her parents didn’t marry and her mother raised her. Her Dad – the fire keeper died when she was about seven. Daunis means daughter. A fire keeper is someone who lights and cares for ceremonial fires, maybe other things but that’s what I remember.
  2. Daunis lives in Sault Ste. Marie right on the border of Michigan and Canada. Some of her story takes place on Sugar Island. That had me looking at maps and imagining what it might be like.Sault Ste. marie
  3. While not quite accepted at the beginning of the book by the Ojibwe people she has strong ties to them. I loved how she honoured and kept their spirituality and respect for plants and the earth. She really cares about the elders of the tribe but also her white grandmother. Her Ojibwe aunt (sister of her father) is a very strong woman who keeps an eye out for Daunis and they have a strong relationship.
  4. Someone put in a review on Goodreads that they considered that Daunis does not grow as a character during the book. I disagree. She is faced with a huge amount of challenges and she meets them face on with integrity and in the best way she can. By the end she has made choices that are best for her. I love her end choice for what she decides to do with her future.
  5. The FBI rope her into going undercover among her community to help them find out who is at the source of some very lethal meth making operations. A little far-fetched -maybe- but it makes for page turning reading as Daunis takes a very scientific approach. Along the way her life is in danger and her heart is broken. But… she is strong!


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20 thoughts on “Meet Daunis the Fire Keeper’s Daughter.”

  1. I want to read this one even more after reading your post. Daunis sounds like an unforgettable character.


  2. This is really different from my usual too and just at a glance I wouldn’t have picked it but you’ve intrigued me. This sounds interesting – especially the main character!

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  3. She sounds like a fantastic character. I recently read another book where a Native teen went undercover to help the FBI bust drug dealers. Maybe it’s more common that we think, which is unsettling. Thanks for sharing, Kathryn!

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