What I Want My Reading to be in 2020.


It’s the beginning of a new decade! Are you setting a new path in reading? I am.

Setting my boundaries for reading in 2020

2020 Bitmoji

  1. Read no more than 24 review books, tops. Less if possible. At this point I already have three in the line up. And already hard turning from books I’d read but have others I want to read more.
  2. Read less books. Take my time. I just want to relax and read and no pressure. I’ll set a goal of 100 books at Goodreads, that will most likely be quite easy – roughly two books a week.
  3. Only participate in one or two challenges. .  No Reading Challenges! The other day I was visiting and a young one year old great nephew had some marbles nearby – mother and I had both shaken our heads and said ” No” when he put one in his mouth. I saw him pick up another a little while later and he was going to put it you know where and then he gave a shake of his head!No Bitmoji I am giving my head a No shake.  However! I most likely will do the discussion challenge again as that isn’t reading!! And I was a little bit more successful in it this year and want to build on that.
  4. Choose only one online book club book a month to read – I belong to three but I don’t want to get too tied down. And happy if I don’t read any of them in the month, will just be a guide to me.
  5. Use the library, especially for authors I haven’t tried before or books I don’t really want to buy  – but no challenge.
  6. Read what I really like – not what I think “I should read” but stretch now and then when I think I am in the right mind.   Bitmoji
  7. Listen to audiobooks of course, but no challenge.
  8. Read some of the books that are already on my shelf or Kindle. Delete or give away if I know its really not going to be a great read for me.
  9. Buy the newly released books of favourite authors.
  10. Do some rereading where I can – books I know I loved and er…. have forgotten what was in them.
  11. Repurpose! My Connect Five Reading Challenge.  I enjoyed doing this but it turned out a little complicated and too many guidelines. Instead I am going to run a new link up called Connect Five Friday and there will be a lot less rules. It won’t be a challenge – just a link up. More coming soon.

So 2020 is going to be all about totally reading for enjoyment and and seeing into others lives with differing life experiences. The books I like best. So 2020 a time to chill out with books.


What are one or two of your hopes/plans  for reading in 2020?

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23 thoughts on “What I Want My Reading to be in 2020.”

  1. LOVE your relaxing goals.

    I haven’t gotten to the point with slowing down with reviews, but I’m sure that will happen as the years go on.

    I always make my Goodreads Challenge low – at 50 – so I am not stressed.

    Happy New Decade!!

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  2. These are good intentions! When you blog about something and get serious about it it’s incredibly easy to take on too much too soon and too often. Kudos to you for putting up boundaries where needed!

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  3. Good for you for deciding to pare back on all the “required” reading and try harder to just enjoy yourself (ha—I realized that’s a bit of an oxymoron there). But I’m also glad you’re still joining us for the Discussion Challenge! (You can always think of it as more of a link-up than a challenge. LOL!)


  4. Nice goals! I can sympathize with many of these. For myself I would add that I want to read more books/authors from other countries. I had this goal in 2019 and didn’t do very well.


  5. I like the goal of two review books/month. Although my year won’t begin that way I think by spring I should be able to get close to that number. We’ll see what life has in store for me 🙂 So far I’ve managed not to download the new Thayne book on NG but if Little Bird Publicity contacts me about it my resolve will most likely dissolve, ha.


  6. I’m going to skip challenges again in 2020 since it worked so well for me in 2019- so much less pressure haha, nice to take a little break from that. I need to use my library more too.

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    1. Yes it is so hard to hit the brakes, there is one book I can see on NG that I really want to read but I have two books already for Feb and I want to stick to that!


  7. I like your reading plan! I, too, have plans to accept fewer review books, and try to only read the ones I really like.

    I stopped doing the Goodreads Challenge, as the tabulations they came up with were frustrating to me. If I checked the wrong “version” of a book (Kindle, hardcover) and tried to correct it, they counted the book twice. I know…not a big deal, but I’d just as soon keep track of my totals myself. LOL

    Love the story of your nephew and the “no” shake.

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  8. What a great reading plan! Loving what you read and reading what you want, when you want. like your idea about Connect Five – still my fav. challenge!
    have a very Merry Christmas Kathryn!


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