California Girls Susan Mallery

Book cover

Published   MIRA
Date  1st March 2019
Format   Kindle
Pages   366
Source   Publisher via Edelweiss


California Girls is set in Los Angeles and is all about three sisters and their slightly prickly, strange mother.

Life for the three sisters is rather falling apart as the book opens. Finola – a TV host is about to be painfully dumped by her husband in a very unkind kind of way. I couldn’t quite marry up the portrayal of a loving man, with the man who seems to really do something so stupid.

Ali who is about five weeks from walking down the aisle with Glen is dumped and he doesn’t do it in person. He sends his brother Daniel and it turns out Daniel is way nicer in every way! Ali is left with winding up the wedding plans and canceling everything.

Zennie is sort of dumped by her dating friend – Clark, because she is just not so into this relationship. She agrees to be a surrogate for her best friend Bernie who is unable to have children and then has to face into the annoyances of pregnancy. And if that isn’t bad enough some of her so called friends and family are of no support whatsoever.

Ali and Finola fall apart at first, they are the victims and go into that space of victimhood where one rages, drinks, eats and sees no way out. But… only for awhile – both girls discover new insights about themselves and begin to rethink their lives.  Zennie makes discoveries of her own as well.

On the whole I enjoyed this new story by Susan Mallery.

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