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I’m Not Tickled Pink!

Most people who know me know I have a thing about pink. Because its my least favourite colour. Over at Anna’s Herding Cats Burning Soup she is challenging us to think pink this month!


When I arrived in this house there were salmon pink curtains – not so bad but I said “I’m gonna change them soon”. Yes like nearly ahem 17 years later they are still there. But… look out 2019 is the year!

photo of curtain

The bathroom was very pink – the walls in the house were all light pink. No! No! At least now most of the walls in the house are a yellow. And the kitchen cabinets have been painted out from their pink colour. The pink bathroom is gone. Yes!

But… I can’t escape pink – well apart from the fact I don’t wear it. I am more an autumn wearing person.


I am learning to accept pink! Allow it about here and there. Someone planted pink flowers in my garden. I used to chop them all off. Now I just am thankful for flowers.plant photo

I fell in love with this pink fabric! What! No its quite nice really. I loved sewing it up. I’ll give the quilt away but… well I do like the pink in this one!quilt

I think I could adapt to pink here and there!

Taking a look at my bookshelves I see hardly any pink covers – maybe a couple. One library book too that has a kinda rose pink cover that I am planning to read soon. But I can cope with a pinkish book cover.

book cover

What’s your favourite colour and what’s the one you try to avoid and perhaps like me not totally be able to escape.

If you are a lover of pink – what’s your favourite thing in pink? Would you drive a pink car? Cook with pink pots? Have a pink phone? Have an all pink bathroom? Well you know I wouldn’t!

29 thoughts on “I’m Not Tickled Pink!”

  1. I where red and pink during February … and other months too. But I don’t have much pink in my house decorations. For a number of years my fav color was burgandy. Now I’m just not sure. I’ll have to think about it.

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  2. LOL at the pink house. Mine was baby blue with horrendous wallpaper. ::shudder::

    I don’t mind pink though I prefer hot pink to pale if I have a choice 🙂 But I’m a green person.

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  3. My favorite color by far is green. If I don’t stop myself every wall in my house would be green and every wall in my house would be green! I have mixed feelings on pink. I like certain shades of it but most shades make my hair look very orange which isn’t really the goal! Too funny about the curtains. I think we all have a few projects like that. The light fixture in the stairs here looks like it came from a cross between an Old West bordello and 1986. I fully meant to get rid of it immediately when we moved in and almost 10 years later…


    1. Love that about the light fixture. Life takes over. I like green too, and it can look really pretty and restful on walls. And yes some shades of pink are better than others!


  4. Hi Kathryn! I would have to say my least favorite color is purple. I don’t own many clothes in that color – the whole range from lilac to deep royal purple. I don’t think it’s a color we use much in quilting fabrics either unless it’s part of a charm pack or a fabric line. I did have to buy some for my Postcard quilt. I do, however, love the smell of lilacs and have tried to grow them to no avail. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I managed to give birth to a daughter who’s into all things girly, so there’s a lot of pink in her room. She was the first girl born on my mom’s side of the family in 32 years (at the time), so there was basically a pink-sposion in my house when I had her. I remember sitting on my bed not long before she was born, looking around at all the baby items and thinking, “That ultrasound better be right, because it is *really* pink in here!”

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  6. Fun post! My favorite color is blue and shades of grey. I like Pink in small doses. I have a bright pink flower pot w/ a cactus. I like soft pink in tops. Last year the cover of my calendar book was pink.

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  7. My favorite colors are shades of blue and green. I like pink flowers, etc but not in my house or my clothing. I love the quilt – pink works quite well in that so perhaps I’d be open to a bit of pink in the house 😉

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  8. I think purple and red are my favorite colors…in clothes, furnishings, and hair…LOL.

    I did have a lovely pink and orange bathroom in the seventies. It probably sounds gross, but it actually made the room have an ethereal ambience, and guests always said that the colors added a glow to their skin.

    I have burgundy and hunter green in small doses.

    I love your post!

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