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November Books on My List

Today I am listing the books being published in November that I have special interest in. They are ones I will read for sure.  It is always exciting to see what is publishing. I have been a reader of the Outlander books since the first one published. The others are all newer authors to me. Gleaned from my blogging rounds!!

Go tell the Bees That I am gone #9 in the Outlander series.  They come out so infrequently its a wonder I can remember what happened last, but I think I have a general idea and they are too big a book to go reread to remind myself.

This one comes out about November 23rd.  It’s the time of the American Revolution and they are all back at Fraser’s Ridge. (My favourite setting for these books).

I haven’t watched the TV series of these books, I just prefer the books. I can then skip the really gory parts!

This is one that is in the local shops so that’s where I can buy it.

The attic on Tradd StAnd #7 in the Tradd St Series. I am just listening to the previous one at present. I guess I’ll listen to this one as well. I feel it is about time it ends – so no regrets. It is due out very early November but most likely I won’t get to listen to it until 2022.

Doctors and Friends

Doctors and Friends comes out November 9th. I’ll most likely put in a pre-order for this one very soon.  This is the third book by Kimmery Martin. She is a emergency medicine specialist so all the details are there.

This one is about a pandemic but actually written before we were hit my our infamous world pandemic. Because its not Covid I can read it!

Call of the Penguins

Hazel Prior returns with another story about Veronica and the Penguins. I really enjoyed the first one about her adventure with the penguins. She is 87 years old and she is off to take part in a documentary about penguins. I was lucky enough to be given a copy for this one from NetGalley and I really look forward to reading it. It publishes on the 11th of November.

Death on a Shelf And to round things off a cosy mystery. Death on a Shelf  is #5 in the series and I have been listening to the audio version.  It publishes November 9th. It is set in a library and has a ghost and a library cat. Easy listening.


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8 thoughts on “November Books on My List”

  1. #9 in the Outlander series?? And they’re in America?? I’ve only read the first two books, so I have some catching up to do!

    And, as you know, I only just last month read #1 in the Karen White series! I don’t know if I’ll read all 7 of them, but I would definitely read another – especially in the spooky season!

    Looks like some great books lined up – enjoy!

    Book By Book

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need to give the Karen White series another try. I read a little bit of a later one and didn’t love it but I think I need to go back to the beginning. I love the Allison Brook series and it works so well in audio!


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