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August Month in Review

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It’s hard to believe August is finished. This year is speeding on. We all say that! Right!
August is my birthday month and this year one with a big zero, I had family around and we had a lovely celebration. A great niece who turns 7 at the end of the year made of with the seven candle, I was left with the zero candle!

Total books read this month: 13

USA: 10

Ireland: 1

England: 2

New to me authors:

Kerry Winfrey
Carla Neggers ( I think she is, she feels familiar but I can’t find anywhere that I have read a book by her)

Top Book for August

I liked most of the books I read but I have to say Under Currents was the one that caught my book love this month.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in September

I have some review books to read, I’ll read some from the library and some from my own shelf. While I am not sure if I’ll get to read this one in September I do need to put in a pre-order for it. I am thinking I’ll put it at the top of the pile! Publishes about 24th of September.

Book Cover

Incoming Books for August….



Library Books

From NetGalley

Audio Books

One from Audible towards the end of August. The Shell Seekers took me about 4 weeks of listening!

Book Cover

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21 thoughts on “August Month in Review”

  1. Happy belated birthday! My husband’s birthday is in August and I made his favorite cookies as he doesn’t like cake. I also made the banana cream pie with vanilla wafers that he enjoys for the official birthday dessert. You read a lot in August and I see a few of the books you read that are on my want to read list.


  2. Happy 70th birthday to you, Kathryn; a little younger than my folks! Happy birthday to you as well, Mary: nice to meet you! Great to see photos of you, Kathryn, since you are one of the sorts who uses an artificial photo here and at Goodreads. You look nice and fit: do own it. 🙂

    I just bought a STACK of J.D. Robb paperbacks, the only way to buy Nora Roberts’ vast fare, at a bargain this Canadian long week-end. I have a shelf with her taking the top pile to our ceiling: sigh. I am not a romance reader but as you well know, she offers a lot more: mystery, paranormal, fantasy…. I’ll give J.D. Robb a go after I am further ahead in her old books. They are not as good and reflect poor choices in behaviour and what is acceptable from men.

    WordPress continues to be an issue, therefore when it lets me use it, like today: I run to edit review links for your giveaways, get the new “party link” for your next months, and I have hopes of doing editing and posting for my own blog when this holds-out! Means a lot that people have started to visit these wild efforts. 🙂


    1. I love the J D Robb books and her more recent books as Nora Roberts. Yes some of her older books aren’t so good. But I did love some of the romance/fantasy type books she wrote. Thanks for the birthday wishes. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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