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Month in Review – August Reading Link Up

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Welcome in to looking back at the reading accomplished and books explored during August. I look forward to seeing what many of you have been reading.

This month I chose to read only books I really wanted to read , no pressure of review books. I read slowly and just enjoyed! Really all reading should be like that, so I must remember that. As well no new authors this month, just my favourites.

BitmojiAs a celebration for August I am giving away one book from the Book Depository. One reader who links up with this post will randomly be chosen at the end of August. Thanks to all of you for joining in over the months.

Books Read in August   11

Sold on a Monday   Kristina Morris   5 stars
Best Beach Ever   Wendy Wax     5 stars
How to Keep a Secret   Sarah Morgan 5 stars
The Sugarhouse Blues   Mariah Stewart 4 stars    Audiobook
Her Royal Spyness Rhys Bowen  4 stars     Audiobook
A Royal Pain   Rhys Bowen  4 stars      Audiobook
Before and Again   Barbara Delinksy   4 stars
Good Luck With That   Kristan Higgins   5 stars
Between you and Me  Susan Wiggs 5 stars
A Different Kind of Normal  Cathy Lamb 5 stars
If Books Could Kill   Kate Carlisle  4 stars

Top Books for August

It was difficult to choose, as I thoroughly enjoyed everything I read this month.

Book Coverbook coverbook cover






Looking forward to reading in September

I intend reading some books to work towards completing some reading challenges as well as some review books. Persuasion is for a reading challenge and I have long wanted to try the Emily series since I was informed by Katherine over at I Wish I lived in a Library (and wouldn’t we all) at how good this series is.


Incoming Books


Paperback Books Purchased… that last one is a hardback of Middlemarch – a goal for next year!

Kindle Book Purchased

book cover
Borrowed from the Library

Books from Edelweiss and NetGalley

Books Purchased with Credits from Audible


So how was your month?

36 thoughts on “Month in Review – August Reading Link Up”

  1. Sounds like you had a really enjoyable reading month! I completely understand the need for a “no pressure” time-out. I usually have several reading obligations each month, for reviews and book groups, and it is always a special treat when I can just choose anything I want from my shelves!

    Hope your September is just as good – enjoy your books!
    (and thanks for hosting the link-up!)


    Book By Book

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  2. You did great, Kathryn! I’m glad you enjoyed your month of free picks! Yes, I agree that all reading should be enjoyed and savoured but sometimes a backlog of review copies can suck the joy out of that and then it feels like obligation. I struggle with that sometimes! For me, I try to really limit my review requests so that I don’t have to deal with that.

    I bought The Sound of Glass at Audible’s 2-for-1 sale in August, and I’m looking forward to trying her. You know, I have never read Jane Austen!

    Happy reading in September!


    1. Not a lot of difference between 10 and 11 Dani! Rhys Bowen really is new to me although I did read a stand alone of hers earlier in the year. This series is so different and tongue in cheek fun.


  3. I hope to have a month like that soon, reading only books I want to read, with no pressure. Enjoy September! I hope to read Best Beach Ever this month, as I love the series and have that book languishing on my Kindle.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Another month where we didn’t read any of the same books…but I do have some of the books you read on my list to read – Sold on a Monday and Good Luck With That. I remember reading the Emily of a New Moon series when I was a kid…haven’t reread that one, but one day I would love to. I’m such a fan of the Anne of Green Gables series – I have 2 sets of them 🙂

    Hope you have a great September of reading!!!


  5. Good for you Kathryn!! (After reading this post please feel free to disregard the email I sent you yesterday 😂😂) Your books are making my mouth water. 😃
    I saw the movie Love Comes Softly and thought it was very sweet.

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      1. Hmm….I wonder what happened. 🤔
        Well, I was asking if you’d be interested in reading a 5-book Heartwarming collaboration. The Heartwarming authors asked me if I knew any bloggers who’d be interested in reading them and then posting reviews on their blog. They’d supply the paperback books or e-books, and although they would like reviews as soon as possible, they’d be fine with getting them by the end of the year.
        No pressure at all. I was just asking because they’re all so kind and I was trying to help them out. 😊

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      2. Okay, got it! I’d certainly have considered it but for my plans already rather filled up to the end of the year! Now planning for next year!!


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