Month in Review

December Reading Wrap Up

Total books read this month:  11

Book Ratings

The Choice.   4 stars
Lessons from the Prairie. 3.75 stars
The Clockmaker’s Daughter. 4 stars.
Miracle Creek Christmas. 4 stars
Flirting with the Beast. 4 stars.
The Sweetness of Forgetting. 4 stars.
State of Shock.  Marie Force. 4 stars.
Christmas at the Edge of the World.  4 stars.

New to me authors:

Kristin Harmel

Top Book for December.

Sadly I can’t name a top book for December. They were all good reads, but no one stands out to me as a top read.

Looking forward to reading in January

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Bread Over Troubled Water. Winnie Archer.

Bread over Troubled Water

Published: Kensington
Date: 29th November 2022
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

A regular who used Yeast of Eden as a workspace, Josh Prentiss always turned heads with his startlingly good looks and thousand-watt smile. But Ivy can’t help noticing one morning that he seems distracted and off his game. Later, during a visit to the park where she and Miguel plan to hold their engagement party—with plenty of baked goods on the menu—her rescue pug, Agatha, sniffs out Josh lying in a bed of poppies…scone cold dead.

There’s no reason for Ivy to get involved. She’s busy enough holding down the fort as the shop’s owner, Olaya, cares for her recently orphaned niece, not to mention the stress when a new employee is fired and storms out in a rage.  Then a band of rabble-rousers starts picketing the bakery, claiming that Olaya’s sourdough roll is what killed Josh—and Ivy hears some salacious gossip about her beloved boss. She doesn’t think there’s a grain of truth to the seedy rumors—but to prove it, she’ll have to start sleuthing . . .

Bread Over Troubled Water is #8 in the Bread Shop Mysteries.  It is the first time I have read a book in this series so it took me quite awhile to settle into the shop and its characters. Ivy works there in part time on a kind of voluntary basis. She is very loyal to the owner Olaya who also happens to be in a relationship with Ivy’s father.

When Josh Prentiss is found murdered, by Ivy, and because he has just eaten at the bakery, the immediate public blame falls on the bakery. So Ivy is very motivated to prove they had nothing to do with it. Or did they? And with the elderly pink loving Penelope Branford, Ivy is on a mission. She has friends in high places in the local police – her best friend and well… sister in law. However in the past Captain York has been a bit of a thorn in Ivy’s side. In her favour Ivy is someone who shares most of what she finds out with the police.

They mystery was full of red herrings so I never really worked out who the murderer was until Ivy works it out at the very end.

Starting into this book at #8 was workable, however it would have been a lot easier to follow if I had come to know the characters via the previous books.