Winner of Jan-Mar Full House Link Up

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Full House Reading Challenge 2016
The winner of the first quarter of the year was Sue from Utah. She won a $12 Amazon voucher – so congratulations to her.  Hopefully she has now spent it or will soon! There were 198 entries and it was no. 23 that was the lucky number for Sue.
The link up for the next quarter is now live, April – June also the link for when you complete your Full House is also up.  I noticed a few people were finished and sometimes it is just easier to link and forget!
Of course you can always repeat the card with a different set of books and be in again! Thanks again to everyone participating. 

Winners in Full House and Women’s Fiction Reading Challenges 2015

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Women’s Fiction Reading Challenge 2015

July to December Link up: 
Overall Challenge Winner:

Full House Reading Challenge 2015

October – November Link Up:
Claudia  –  My Soul Called Life
Overall Challenge Winner:
Kristen from The Book Monsters
Thanks to everyone who participated. Well done to those who completed the challenges and then linked up!

Blogoversary Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated and completed the mini challenge. Most entries were correct although a few weren’t to my surprise!
The Questions with their Answers:
Which author have I read the most since starting this blog:         Nalini Singh
Which was the first book I read in April 2014:      Floored by Ainslie Paton                       
How many stars did I give it:          Four
Name a genre I do not read:  Horror/Erotica/Spy or Thriller/Religious   – any of those accepted.
At one time what did I worry about?: I would run out of authors I like to read!!

Congratulations to Sheree over at The Eclectic Reader who was the winner of a $25 gift card to Amazon.