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Recently Placed Books on to my TBR Shelf

Well that would be my virtual TBR! Which has grown again. I often put a book into my virtual TBR and hope that I will get to it. I did cull it, but maybe I need to do that again. But in the meantime I am looking at five of the latest that I have added that I am more likely to pick up.

Book coverWhat? First in a crime series. It involves a a couple of police characters and killer of course and its set in a small town in Woodbury MA. One character is Ellery Hathaway. No one there knows she was once victim number seventeen in the grisly story of serial killer Francis Michael Coben. The only one who lived.

Why? I liked the review of the #3 book in the series that I read and so I always like to start with #1.

How likely am I to get to it? Some likelihood. It is at our local library so that increased the possibility. Crime reading only forms part of my reading diet but I do like one now and then.

book cover What? Stuck in a dreary Boston winter, Annabelle Martin would like nothing more than to run away from her current life. She’s not even thirty years old, twice-divorced, and has just dodged a marriage proposal… from her ex-husband. When she’s offered her dream job as creative director at a cutting-edge graphic design studio in Phoenix, she jumps at the opportunity to start over.

Why? Again I was alerted to this book via someones review. It’s contemporary women’s fiction and that’s probably my top reading genre.

How Likely am I to get it? A good likelihood. It is at the local library which is a point in favour. I like a story where a woman starts over.

book coverWhat? London 1943: War and dwindling resources are taking their toll on the staff of Partridge Press. The pressure is on to create new books to distract readers from the grim realities of the war, but Partridge’s rising star, Alice Cotton, leaves abruptly and cannot be found.

Why? Again a review drew me to this book. It’s WW2 and involves some publishing and I think a missing child.

How Likely Am I to get to it? Highly likely as I have it already out from the library. Which doesn’t mean I always will read a book, but when its sitting there I will pick it up if I can.

book coverWhat? Melanie Trenholm and her family navigate the eerie happenings in their town as ghosts threaten to upend their lives once again.

Why? It’s part of a series – #7 that I am reading, but I need to read #6 first. This one publishes later in the year. The final one I believe. It involves ghosts and mystery.

How Likely Am I to get it? 100 % likely. I am invested in reading or listening to this series.

book cover

What? When thirty-nine year old Maria Forssmann wakes up in her seventeen-year-old body, she doesn’t know how she got there. All she does know is she has to get back: to her home in Bienville, Mississippi, to her job as a successful psychiatrist and, most importantly, to her husband, daughters, and unborn son.

Why? Again I read a review for this book and it appealed. It has some time travel and magical realism. Plus it has a women’s fiction feel.

How likely am I go get it? A good likelihood. It’s not at the library, but it is on audiobook at Audible and so I have put it in my Wish list.


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Book Connections

Sorting my TBR April: Stay or Go

I have about 100 actual books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read. Do I still want to read them with all the new books being published and its challenging enough to keep up with them. Besides if I move some on, then I have an empty space on my bookshelf and it awaits something new.

I didn’t do that well, however taking five out and looking again at them, at least puts them in my thoughts and the likelihood of picking them up reasonably soon to read. By read I mean I’ll give them the first twenty five page test to see if I want to continue.

Making your mind upI like Jill Mansell but this one just feels old in terms of condition and I don’t think I’d enjoy reading it for that reason. So out it goes. I got it at a book fair so no loss. I have enjoyed some of Jill Mansell’s books before.

How Hard Can it Be? How Hard Can it Be?  is a Maybe, so back on the shelf. It’s about a fifty year old finding herself. It may have a rom comedy aspect, not sure and if I don’t like it after twenty or so pages I’ll send it on.  I’ve never read Allison Pearson. I picked this one up cheap at the bookshop.

Dune RoadI like the blurb on the back of Dune Road, its set in Connecticut and is about someone with new lease of life after divorce. I will certainly give this one a good go. I did get it at the book fair, but still in reasonably good condition. I have liked some of Jane Green’s books previously.

It's the Little ThingsIt’s the Little Things about three people who survive the Boxing Day tsunami and the years that follow. Another book fair buy. I will give this one a read as well. I don’t think I have read an Erica James book before, not sure.

The PossibilitiesThis is one I picked up at the bookshop, has a $34.99 price tag!  Why did I buy it? No idea! It’s about a woman who has lost her son in an avalanche. I’ll try this one too, the money outlay is enough to persuade me, but the story itself sounds readable.  I haven’t read this author before.


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