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Five Christmas Book Reads


A Christmas book is usually uplifting and enjoyable – not too much angst, and who doesn’t need a book that takes us out of the everyday humdrum.

book coverEvery Time a Bell Rings is a perfect Christmas season book, which of course can be read at anytime of the year as well. It explores fostering children and the difference it can make to young people’s lives. Belle and Jim are such children and grow into people who in turn become foster parents. Yet they hold special wounds that need healing and love is the answer. Long, patient love. The book has a link to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” which I haven’t seen but will look up. However it did remind me a little of Scrooge’s adventures in parts. A very satisfying, heart warming read. If you haven’t read an Irish author Carmel Harrington book you are missing out. No, I haven’t found her in NZ shops, but the Book Depository UK is where I go when I want a book from that part of the world.

book cover Coming Home for Christmas was a really delightful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A mother returns home finally after many years of mysteriously disappearing. Her husband Luke does not know what had happened to her and thinks possibly she is dead. The story of her re-appearance is  both hard and wonderful at the same time. I loved both the characters and the story. Perfect Christmas read.

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Christmas in Winter Vally is set in Texas and told with all the panache of a master storyteller. I loved this story by Jodi Thomas and it was also a delightful read for leading up to Christmas. It has a whole cast of characters that are very loveable and made for great reading. A favourite.

book coverChristmas From the Heart  is a very focused Christmas story and does centre around Christmas and the idea of giving.There is a Scrooge like business man and a rather pushy generous Christmas woman determined to bring Christmas cheer to those around. It was my least favourite Christmas read. It just felt a little too forced and the love triangle a little unreal. However those who love to revel in a Christmas Hallmark movie most likely will enjoy it.

book cover This book has a wonderful Christmas setting. I wanted to be there in a tree house among the snow and trees in Aspen – all warm and cosy looking out. That’s where the White family end up at Christmas time. Daughter Rosie is planning on a Christmas wedding – a little rushed according to sister Katie who would like to possibly see it stopped. And then their parents are considering divorce, only the girls don’t know that – yet. Its a wonderful, warm Christmas story of family with a fabulous setting.


Christmas from the Heart. Sheila Roberts

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Published: Harlequin Mira
Date: 24th September 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Christmas from the Heart is the name of this novel but also the name of the organisation that Livi runs as a non profit to bring joy and love to families at Christmas. The only trouble is… this year it has been very difficult raising the money to make this possible. To cap it all, the Hightower corporation have refused to give any donation, and they have been the main contributors since her grandmother’s time.

Livi herself lives on a shoe string, she lives at home with her Dad and scrimps by with very little. Guy on the other hand – the CFO of Hightower has his own swanky apartment and lives rather well. He is rather cautious though of women who have their eye on the money and that leaves him a little cynical. And that includes Livi the do gooder. To be fair he is hardworking and the Hightower business is struggling despite all the long hours he works. If only his brothers could contribute their share of the work.

Can a scrooge business man’s heart take on the spirit of Christmas? Can a woman bent on spreading the Christmas spirit have her heart persuaded to take a second look at the man she has come to despise. Will a deception be forgiven?

Christmas From the Heart is very much in the Christmas feel good, spread good spirit genre. Those who like such movies should enjoy this story.