Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen

book cover

Published: Mira
Date: January 29th 2019
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

Here and Now and Then is a time travel book, set in the twenty second century where they have advanced health wise and no longer eat that unhealthy fast food!

Kin Stewart is an agent who time travels back to a certain era and sorts out crime and other events that his superiors assign him. Only his device to travel back breaks and he is stranded in our time. And… he quickly forgets all that he has known before. He settles in and marries and has a daughter.  Only trouble is an incident brings him right back into contact with his previous world.  And back to it. Oh the anguish as he re-enters his own world again but does not forget his previous family. How might he reach them?

The story is full of interesting technology and the method of time travel and the idea of it was sort of believable.

What I did find was that while I wanted to know how things would work out I didn’t really emotionally connect for some reason to the characters. I was happy at how it all worked out for Kin but for me the momentum was not there.

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Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet

Book cover

Published: Hachette Au/Piatkus
Date: 1st January 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


Nightchaser is the first in a new series by Amanda Bouchet. This series is set in the future in outer new galaxies. The world as we know it has imploded and people live in a variety of places in outer space. This “world” is ruled over by a despotic Galactic Overseer, who rules with an iron fist.

However there are pockets of resistance and none more so on board the cargo cruiser Endeavour, captained by Tess Bailey. She has a small crew with her and when we meet them for the first time they also have attached to them a stolen cargo that is going to be central to this book and further on.

Tess is tough, strong, young woman and along with her crew she has escaped the wily and cruel clutches of the Overseer – for the moment. At all costs they need to stay out of the hostile Dark Watch soldiers and do what they know is important. It turns out there are hidden depths to Tess and as the story unfolds much is revealed. I especially liked her total focus on the needs of Starway 8 where orphans live under the care of two amazing women. By the end of the book we and she understands herself more, but yet more is to be learned I suspect.

On board along with the stolen cargo is “big guy” and later when they dock, Shade is introduced. While there is a strong attraction immediately between Shade and Tess, things are rather till unclear about him.

It takes awhile to become acquainted with this world, but once all the details are gathered, I was completely along for the ride. The main and minor characters are interesting and many of them soon started to grow on me. I look forward to seeing how they all develop in the next book.

The story is full of adventure, while at times there are lulls, there is always a sense of danger either right there or just ahead.  The romantic element is strong without being overpowering.

The book leaves us all set up for the next one, the adventure or quest has began but is no means finished or near finished. I certainly will want to read the next one and am waiting eagerly.

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