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A Doctor in the House

I am a little partial to a medical related fiction book from time to time. Here are five that I have read and enjoyed.
book coverWell I am reading this one at present. In this one we have a competent woman neurosurgeon, who is dealing with anxiety attacks and a past that haunts her dreams. As she comes apart, she decides to go back and see if see can find those missing memories and heal. It’s set in London, New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and the Great Barrier Island off the coast of New Zealand.

book coverThis is the first book I read by Kimberly Martin. In this book we have a female urologist who comes up against some discrimination of the LGBTQ community patients that has her standing up for what she believes. At some point I want to read her previous book. The author is actually a doctor herself.

Robyn Carr presents us with a much loved character in Maggie Sullivan in her first book of Sullivan’s Crossing.  She too is a neurosurgeon. She is under pressure and in danger of burnout so she returns to Sullivan’s Crossing to recuperate. This is a romance, so she finds someone who just might help with that recovery.

book cover The Gilded Hour is historical fiction set back in 1883 in the USA. It has as its central characters Dr. Anna Savard and her cousin Sophie an obstetrician. They doctor to the poor and this is a book that highlights terrible discrimination. It’s pretty bleak! There is a second book that carries their lives on further but I haven’t read that one.

book cover To round off the list, the last one is a medical thriller. I read this back in 2014 so its somewhat hazy compared to the other four. Dr. Abbey Matteo is on a cardiac team that do heart transplants. She finds herself confronted with someone who receives a heart, who wasn’t in line for one. A rich one. Where did the heart come from? She investigates!  Grisly and horrifying. Not my usual read!


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