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Non Fiction books on My Bookshelf. Waiting…


I am not a big non-fiction reader, but I do like some in the memoir or spiritual or psychology type genres. I have a number of them sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read and as I write, I can think of one or two on my Kindle!

book cover I like all things royal and this one sounds interesting. Of course we are still with the British monarchy here and so I’ve been interested since early times. Our magazines always carry something royal!  I heard a review of this book on the radio.





Book CoverI love all things Obama too! How come I just haven’t read this one yet. I have it in hardback and audio form. I need to get onto it!

book cover This is a memoir and while I haven’t really read much of Pat Conroy’s books I thought I’d give this a go. The title draws me in. At the same time I also bought the memoir by his wife.

book cover Nancy Zieman had a quilting TV show for years. I didn’t see them but have seen some of her videos on You Tube. She strikes me as a very gutsy woman who overcame challenges. She died far too young but I think left a huge amount of inspiration.

book cover
This is about Gregory Boyle who worked or maybe still does with the gangs in Los Angeles. I did hear him speak on a podcast a long while back and this is going to be another inspiring read.



So obviously I like being inspired and amazed at the contributions people make to our world. It’s good to be reminded of the wide range of men and women in our world who live their lives to the full. Any recommendations for me to add to my reading agenda?

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