My Pick from the Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading Guide.

Summer RG

Each year Anne Bogel and her team come out with the summer reading guide. (You can get your own copy). This year some are back list books, and I have read some of them. This week I am looking at the five I want to read. Next week I’ll mention five I have read and liked.

The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd. One I have already mentioned as one I want to read. Even since then I have seen great reviews for this book, so even more decided to read it.  Library request in.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry.  Yes had already marked this as one I’d read. I am on the request list at the library for this one.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Gramus. I hadn’t thought of reading this one but have seen a few good reviews for it and I would certainly like to try it. I have put a request in at the library and am number 68! So must be popular. There are 10 copies.

The BodyGuard  by Katherine Centre. I already had this one in mind and as I have read Katherine Center before, I know I will want to buy this is some format.

What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan. This is a bit of a wild card book for me. It is set in Shangai and is about a particular family and deals with things like rich v poor, urban v rural and old v new values.  It’s a back list book It’s available at the library and I will put in a request when I see I have a space for reading it. There are no reserves on the book as it is a 2018 book.

So any top book worm the guide you’d be drawn to reading?


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Book Connections

Online Book Places I Frequent

This week I am looking at the online places I go to read about books and what others are reading. Some I visit more often than others and as I go into 2021 I’ll be thinking about how I use each.

Book Blogs

All the book blogs I visit are rich with ideas for what books I might read some time into the future. I think I use blogs the most in deciding what new authors I might try.


I happen to use Goodreads quite a bit. I keep track of what I have read and what I want to read there. I usually update it as I finish a book or when I start a book. I also use it when deciding to read a book. What do the readers I follow say about a particular book. It does influence me in that way. If a reader I respect is cautious about a book, then I am likely to reconsider.


I have only started using this place this year. I didn’t find it very useful until I asked them to change me to the USA version, which is much more detailed than what I initially had. This is a place I intend using a little more in 2021, as its a place authors seem to value the support of a review.

Modern Mrs Darcy

At present I belong to the book club, and follow the monthly choice of books, although I don’t always read them. I don’t really frequent the boards there very much as I find there aren’t a lot of readers with my reading taste. However I like the video interviews and Zoom discussions about books and that’s mainly why I stay there – for now.


There are so many groups that have reading as their common ground and I follow quite a few authors there. I don’t join in on discussion, although the Emilie Richards Reader Page is one place I do join in and also Susan Elizabeth Phillips Seppies reader group which is a small group of those who were on an old Board of hers and now share what each one is reading.


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