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Middle Grade March

I found out it’s considered Middle Grade March!  I am not a big middle grade reader but I did read some while teaching that age group. It’s how I fell in love with one book Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt. Okay for Now was a book push on the Currently Reading podcast this past week, which made me think of it.

So my Friday Connection today is for five books by Gary D. Schmidt. I haven’t read all of them but I do own four of them.

I have linked the books to Goodreads in case you want to find out more as I haven’t given the blurbs of the books.

book coverI’ve read Okay for Now a couple of times – once aloud to a class. It has Doug as its main protagonist along with Lil. They form a wonderful friendship. Doug has just arrived in a new town and has a hard life at home. Eventually he finds some very good relationships, but… let’s just say tissues were needed.

I really need to reread this one as its now a good eight years since I read it last. I have a copy!

book coverThe Wednesday Wars has a wonderful character called Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grader. He too has things to deal with. I loved how he grew in this book. It was another winner for me.

book coverJust Like That is the latest one published in January 2021. It’s one I am about to read. I’ve heard we say good bye to a character I love in this one so feeling a little cautious. This time it’s about a girl who goes off to boarding school and Matt who is in ownership of a pillowcase full of money.

book coverPay Attention Carter Jones is about someone called Carter who has a burden of grief and anger and has to deal with a butler who turns up on his doorstep. I need to read it, its awaiting me.

book coverAnd another one awaiting me. The blurb says it’s a tender heart breaking book. I have it but might be the last one I read. Orbiting Jupiter.

I’ll have to be needing to read a sad book when I get to it by the sounds of it.


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Year in Review

My Year in Books 2019


Goodreads reads

Cover Love

I think I like those blues and summer feel!


Most Surprising

Why? It’s a male author and I rarely read them. The cover is uninviting. The book is such fun and the heroine, a seventy something, is amazing. The writing is wonderful and while the story moves reasonably slowly it is still totally engaging.

book cover

New to me Author to Love and Read More

Australian author Fiona Lowe.

Book cover

Her next one comes out soon and I intend buying it. Eyes on you bookshop in February!

Some Favourite Reads of 2019

There are a few more but I can’t go on and on.

First book in a Series I want to read more

book cover

Best Book From A Series

To be honest all the books from my loved series were great, however I have a special love for the pay/changeling series so I will choose this one that came out in 2019.

Book Cover

Top Audiobooks


Diverse Book I Loved

book cover

Middle Grade Love

I just have to do a reread of Okay for Now by the same author. I left that book in my classroom when I retired from teaching. Now I need it again!

book cover


YA I Need to Read More From

book cover

Not For Me

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