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Books on my Autumn Reading List


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Well its meant to be Spring reading list but as I live in the Southern Hemisphere lets make that Autumn to me.

These are books on my Autumn reading list.  There are a number of books coming out during this time but I am looking mostly at books that are already long out or just out. By the time I buy the books coming out they might make my winter reading list! That’s most likely your summer.

The Color of Light. Emilie Richards. A reread via audiobook. #4 in her Goddess Anonymous series.

The Lions of Fifth Avenue. Fiona Davis. An audiobook and a book I’ve wanted to read for awhile.

The Wife’s Promise Kate Hewitt. An audiobook and since I saw a good review for it its been in the back of my mind to read.

The London Girls Soraya Lane. Set in WW2 and one on my Kindle for awhile.

In the Unlikely Event. Judy Blume. I have already started this as a slow and steady read, most likely through a good part of this season.

Tom’s Midnight Garden. Philippa  Pearce. I have long wanted to read this book and so its on somewhere for the month of March. It won a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1963 and the Carnegie medal in 1958.

Unlikely Animals.  Annie Hartnett. An unlikely read! I heard about it from Anne Bogel.

Paper Cuts.  Ellery Adams.  This is a review book and is the latest one in the Secret Book and Scone Society. A cozy series I really enjoy.

The Money Club. Fiona Lowe A review book too from my top favourite Australian author

The Cruellest Month. Louise Penny. #3 in the Gamache series and I am due to read the next one so its going on this list.