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I like to know where the authors I read come from. Today I am looking at my shelves to see what Canadian authors I have read or will read. I have to admit it was a little challenging to find the five.

As usual the covers link to Goodreads if you want to know what the books are about.

The Blue CastleFirstly L M Montgomery. I think the author I have read the most. I have The Blue Castle to read sitting on my shelf. Its one I want to get to soon. Lots of four and five stars for this one on Goodreads from readers I respect.

book coverK A Tucker is probably my favourite Canadian author. She writes romance and some of it is romantic suspense. I’ve enjoyed anything I’ve read by her.

Book cover Genevieve Graham writes historical romance ( or the ones I’ve read anyway). She also often includes some important part of Canadian history which adds a lot of interest.

book coverJennifer Robson lives in Toronto Canada, so I am counting her! The Gown and Goodnight From London are two of the books I’ve read by J Robson, both very good historical fiction.

book coverJanette Oke is my fifth author and I have this historical fiction book sitting on my shelf waiting to be read and I want to reach it before too much longer.  I see there is about 8 books in this series and maybe I will want to read on through


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Come From Away. Genevieve Graham

Book cover

Published: Audible Studios
Date: 5th March 2015
Narrator: Michelle Ferguson
Length: 8 hrs 2 min
Source: Author


Earlier in the year I enjoyed the audiobook Tides of Honour – a story about Danny and Audrey and WW1. When I started listening to this book Come From Away, I was delighted to find out that this one picks up the lives of their children and especially that of their daughter Grace. It’s a complete stand alone, however, seeing how life has moved on pleased this reader!

Grace works in a local store in Nova Scotia, while her three brothers are away at war – world war 2. Her parents Danny and Audrey are there with her and also other various family members live by.  One evening at a local dance some strangers come by, and Grace is attracted to one man who dances with her – then they are gone. Now off Nova Scotia there are German u-boats, so could these men have come from there?

Some weeks later this stranger wanders into Grace’s store – Rudi is his name. Supposedly a trapper but is he?  And so the story takes off. There is challenge and adventure, distrust and trust, and an evolving relationship with Rudi and the family and of course Grace.

I loved the story of the family in Nova Scotia, and what happened to them as the war progressed.  Depicted was the toll that war places on ordinary men, the demands made on them, and that underneath so many of them  are men of honour and care.

The story moves along at a good pace, the characters are ones that I could take into my heart and care about. The narrator was very good and brought this book alive.