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Things That Instantly Make Me Want to Read a Book


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So many reasons to pick up and read a book. And I miss out on some from  being human and not able to read all my eye beholds.
Yours Truly

A newly published book by a newly loved author, these days there are just about more than I can keep up with. And they keep growing, for example I think of Abby Jimenez, I totally loved The Happy Ever After Playlist so I want anything she has written.

And then of course all the old auto read authors I have on my list. Even if I might have been a bit disappointed in their last book I still want to read them.

If a book is set in Scotland I’ll certainly want to at least read it or take a really good look at it.

Or if it is set somewhere that appeals to me like Nantucket. Or any kind of beach sounding read.

Talking of settings I always fall for a book set in a bookshop or a library and will most likely want to/have to read it. Or its main character is a novelist.

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If I read a blog review of a book and it has some elements I really like then I really want to read it now even though I have so many to read.

If I know it is a HEA or a HFN well that moves it up the list. I really need to read those kind of books that have hope and positivity in them. But it does have to have a bit of meat to it and really interesting characters.

The book is part of a great series and I just have to know what is happening next. As soon as it publishes I am there for it.

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If its contemporary, about characters down in the rough, but ready to get up and fight there way back, then I am all for it.

A book that everyone is talking about, it might be a huge reader favourite and. even if it doesn’t sound like me I want to try it to see if it could be. And yes I haven’t read this one…. but I want to try it.

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