The Valentine’s Curse by Jodi Thomas

Book Cover

Published: Kensington Books
Date: 18th December 2018
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Rating 4.5 stars



Set in Texas after the civil war The Valentine’s Curse is a short (74 pages) novella, however it makes a very satisfying read and it was an absolute pleasure to lose myself in the pages for a little while.

Brody is a Yank and not that well received by the other cowboys on the ranch that he works on, they were on opposite sides of the war. So he is an outsider.

Valerie has lost two husbands and its said in town she has a widow’s curse and anyone who touches her will die by evening. So she too is an outsider.

But… these two outsiders are upstanding and outstanding people and what does it matter what others say or do?

Perfect reading for a wet afternoon.

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A Cowboy for Christmas.

Book Cover of A Cowboy for Christmas by Lori Wilde

A Cowboy for Christmas
Lori Wilde
A Cowboy for Christmas is written by Lori Wilde, the first book I have read by this author. I purchased it for my Kindle from Amazon.  It is the third in a trilogy, although I had not realised that, and as it could be read as a stand alone, it didn’t matter.

This is the story of Lissy Moncrief, her small son Kyle and a cowboy named Rafferty Jones. Lissy has lost her husband to a war, and meets up with Rafferty after she hits into his truck.  It turns out he is a half brother to her late husband.  Lissy has a penchant for cowboys, however she is just at the stage in her life when she is growing her backbone, and while attracted to Rafferty, she monitors her response.

Her small son Kyle has just been diagnosed as deaf, turns out Rafferty knows sign language and is a hit with Kyle as he begins to help him to communicate.  It is always endearing to have small children in a book and Kyle’s presence is just this.

Another character is Lissy’s mother-in-law, Claudia.  She carries a lot of fear and guilt and wants to keep her relationship with Lissy and Kyle but fears losing it.  She has also given to to jealousy and acted out of it in a way that has affected other people’s lives.  Her struggle is interesting and real.

This was a fairly slow moving book, I wavered between three and four stars for it, and finally went for four as I always enjoy a book that has me stopping to think.