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At Times Something Comes Last!

These five books have “Last” in their title. Sometimes its not so good to be last, but sometimes it can be a blessing too!
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Truthfully I don’t know what or who the last guard is! However I am going to say it refers to Anchors who are part of a secretive designation whose task it is to stabilize the PsyNet. And to the two main characters, both Anchors. Now the critical psychic network is dying, threatening to collapse and kill the entire Psy race with it. So Canto and Payal Rao are the last guard I do believe.

Last Guard is the most recent in the Psy Changeling series and I am always in awe of how Nalini Singh weaves a story that is engaging and has characters I love. Her books, and this one is a great example, are rich and deep. Full of wisdom about life and speaks to our world today.

5 stars.

book cover Well I do know what the word last means in this book. The last bookshop standing in war torn London during the Second World War.

Grace finds herself in London as the war begins. While she isn’t a reader her mother’s friend pushes her into a bookshop job with Mr. Evans. It’s an old dusty place with books everywhere. Before long Grace finds she has a place there and slowly builds a love of books and reading.  4.5 stars

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What happens one last night in London during the bombing that changed a lot of things? It takes most of the book for us to find out.

The characters are well developed and I really felt for them. I felt saddened by some of the war events, and chuckled at some of the gentle humour at other times.  There are secrets, some betrayal, love that endures and heartbreak. Well really this book has so much to offer.

5 stars

book coverDuring World War 2 it was only allowable that men would be the correspondents on the ground in the war zones.

In The Last Correspondent Soraya M. Lane gives us a graphic portrayal of what it was like for women correspondents to do what they so strongly felt called to do. Report what was happening at the front of World War 2.

And guess who is there when it really counts. Yes I will tell you – the women!

5 stars

And where possible I like to include one I haven’t read yet, but sits awaiting. I’ve read some good things about this book.

Before Owen Michaels disappears, he manages to smuggle a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her. So I am guessing that’s the last thing he told his wife, to take care of his 16 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

I’ll have to read it to see what unfolds.


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Season of Wonder by RaeAnne Thayne

Book coverPublished:Harlequin
Date: 25th September 2018
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 384
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Little Bird Publicity via NetGalley

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Dani Capelli has never truly belonged anywhere. And from her earliest days as a foster child in Queens, she would have been lost if it weren’t for her love of animals. Until high school, when she fell hard for the wrong boy, and found herself pregnant—and married—by graduation. Two daughters later, Dani realized her mistake and filed for divorce, and with the help of scholarships and loans—and a lot of macaroni and cheese dinners—she enrolled in vet school. Things were finally looking up…until her ex-husband became her late husband, in the most notorious way possible.

Now Dani and her daughters need an out-of-town pass more than ever. So when the retiring Haven Point veterinarian offers her a chance to settle in the small Idaho town and take over his practice, she jumps at it. But adjusting to the charming mountain community isn’t easy; thirteen-year-old Silver begins acting out while six-year-old Mia is growing too attached to Haven Point and everything in it, especially their next-door-neighbor, Deputy Sheriff Ruben Morales. And Dani can’t blame her. Ruben is everything she’s secretly wanted—and everything she can’t bear to risk loving…and losing.


  • Dani is a divorced mother with two girls – one a problematic but loveable thirteen year old, the other a delightful six year old.
  • Dani is an intern vet, she has made her way through school, and now has a sizeable debt loan to prove it.
  • She has a history of an ex husband, whom she’d rather keep quiet about.
  • She might have some feelings of guilt because of all the hours she has had to put into study and work and perhaps the girls have missed out, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a good Mom, with boundaries.
  • Her own upbringing was marred by a lack of parents.
  • She just might have feelings of attraction for the handsome, kind, thoughtful guy next door, son of her veterinary boss. To say nothing of the warm, friendly family he belongs to.

Seasons of Wonder is about the spirit of Christmas ( I loved the Secret Santa idea) and the spirit of family and of love and belief.

It’s a heartwarming and lovely story very suitable for the holiday season.


Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis

book cover

Published:    HarperCollins
Date: June 19th 2018
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 384
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss/TLC Book Tours

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Six months after Lanie Jacobs’ husband death, it’s hard to imagine anything could deepen her sense of pain and loss. But then Lanie discovers she isn’t the only one grieving his sudden passing. A serial adulterer, he left behind several other women who, like Lanie, each believe she was his legally wedded wife. Rocked by the infidelity, Lanie is left to grapple with searing questions. How could she be so wrong about a man she thought she knew better than anyone? Will she ever be able to trust another person? Can she even trust herself?

Desperate to make a fresh start, Lanie impulsively takes a job at the family-run Capriotti Winery. At first, she feels like an outsider among the boisterous Capriottis. With no real family of her own, she’s bewildered by how quickly they all take her under their wing and make her feel like she belongs. Especially Mark Capriotti, a gruffly handsome Air Force veteran turned deputy sheriff who manages to wind his way into Lanie’s cold, broken heart—along with the rest of the clan.


Rainy Day Friends is #2 in Jill Shalvis’ Wildstone series.  It is a moving, fun, light read that still explores how those who have had some very bad experiences in their lives can heal and find life after heartbreak.

Lanie is a graphic designer who has come to work at the Capriotti winery. And oh my, when you walk into that family life is never the same afterwards. From the warm welcoming Cora, the boss lady, to Gracie the dog, they are such a fun, nosey, outspoken lot. I loved them. And would love to see Cora explored a little more in a book of her own. I know she seems very together, but …  Anyway Lanie’s dead husband was a ratfink.  He married four or five others as well unbeknown to Lanie – so trust issues now in capitals.

Mark the dad of twins Sierra and Samantha is pretty hot, plus he is the best most loving Dad out and those twin girls adore him. They have been through the mill as his wife and their mother walked out on them and now Sierra does not talk.  However Mark is not going to open his heart easily to anyone and put the girls at risk.

Add in River who arrives one day at the winery, on her last legs, and heavily pregnant. Immediately Cora takes her under her wing as she is apt to do. River seems to have some ulterior motive – easily guessed – and all that plays out. Lanie and herself develop a friendship that is beautiful but it could be fated to end badly.

There is plenty of warm family love, lots of laughter and some heart ache and poignant moments as this story reveals itself. I really enjoyed it and read it rapidly. It is sort of a cross between romance and women’s fiction, which suited me fine.