Over The Teacups #3


book coverWhy? I would like to reread this series or for some of the books read for the first time.

Plot.  In Anne of the Island we see herself and Gilbert and Prissy go of to Redmond college to study hard to attain their degrees.

All goes well the first year and Anne makes a new friend as well – Philippa. In the second year they come across a place that they are able to rent “Patty’s Place”.   While Anne is not that fond of cats a mangy, but feisty one attaches itself to Anne and a love affair is born between them.

Anne has started writing and faces both rejection and some success. She receives a few proposals of marriage that she turns down, among them Gilbert who is pretty heart broken about that. But Anne is looking for something magical and really takes a long time to decipher true love. Finally though all is well.  Anne realises her true love!

What Appeals to me. I enjoyed the story, well narrated again by Barbara Caruso. I don’t ever remember reading this book, as a child, perhaps I did, perhaps I didn’t. I am now quite motivated to go right through the series.

Somehow I got the order wrong and passed by Anne of Windy Poplars so will need to go back to it – possibly now when I have finished the others.

book cover


The story continues in Anne’s House of Dreams as Anne and Gilbert are married and take up residence in a darling house. They make new friendships and the characters made me smile. Lesley is a near neighbour and she and Anne eventually become dear friends. And what a story surrounds Lesley. Then there is Captain Jim with his stories, Miss Cornelia with her “Just like a man” additions to most statements. Which to be honest got a bit too much!

What Appeals to Me. The story is both heartwarming and sad with some tough tales told. However what comes through is the closeness of good friends, the start of a new family and a home that suits perfectly… for now!

The audiobook was read by Karen Savage on LibriVox and a fine narration it was, I could listen along in my podcasts app on my iPad and it was perfect.  My first time trying LibriVox and a positive one.

And so…While I might take a rest from these for awhile I will continue on. I may have to read Anne of Windy Poplars  and Anne of Ingleside because I don’t see them anywhere on audio for my part of the world.

book cover


I saw a review for Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine at  Debbish,  her review put the book firmly on my radar. Excellent review.

I chose the  audiobook form and it was excellent. The narration by Cathleen McCarron was perfectly suited to the voice of Eleanor Oliphant the heroine of this story.

Plot. Eleanor is rather different – straight forward, somewhat out of touch socially and scarred. She is a hard worker, quick to judge and a little finicky. And I just must mention Raymond who befriends her, and shows her what true friendship and family is all about.  Is Eleanor the same at the end of the book as she was in the beginning? Absolutely not. And there was a little twist at the end I did not see coming!

What Appeals to Me? Her life story as it unfolds is captivating, sad and yet told with a light touch and glimpses of humour.  I loved Eleanor’s development over the book.

And so…I think if you liked The Rosie Project or A Man Called Ove  you’d like this book. For me it was ahead of those.  Certainly will  be on my list of top books read in 2017.  And I’ll be wanting to read the next book by Gail Honeyman, this was her debut novel.