The Switch. Beth O’Leary

The Switch book cover

Published: MacMillian Audio Production from Flatiron Books
Date: 18th August 2020
Narrated by: Alison Steadman and Daisy Edgar-Jones

Source: Publisher via NetGalley

When overachiever Leena Cotton is ordered to take a two-month sabbatical after blowing a big presentation at work, she escapes to her grandmother Eileen’s house for some long-overdue rest.

Eileen is newly single and about to turn eighty. She’d like a second chance at love, but her tiny Yorkshire village doesn’t offer many eligible gentlemen.

So they decide to try a two-month swap.

After enjoying reading The Flatshare recently by Beth O’Leary, I was delighted to be able to take up the opportunity to listen to The Switch. 

If you are thinking of reading this book and like audiobooks this is the way to go. I loved the characters, Leena and Eileen of course especially. Eileen – what a 79 year old! However there are other minor characters who fit in so well and make this book a delightful reading experience.

It is full of humor and fun, yet has its serious side in that Leena and Eileen are still deeply missing Leena’s sister who died not so long ago. It has left a huge hole in their hearts. Taking up the challenge to live in each other’s place for a while provides them with new experiences, new people and eventually new ways of seeing life.

The narrators absolutely do an excellent interpretation of the the two characters of Leena and Eileen. For me, they became those characters. Their pacing, expression and just the right emotional tone totally enhanced the story.

So looking forward to the next book by Beth O’Leary.




Come From Away. Genevieve Graham

Book cover

Published: Audible Studios
Date: 5th March 2015
Narrator: Michelle Ferguson
Length: 8 hrs 2 min
Source: Author


Earlier in the year I enjoyed the audiobook Tides of Honour – a story about Danny and Audrey and WW1. When I started listening to this book Come From Away, I was delighted to find out that this one picks up the lives of their children and especially that of their daughter Grace. It’s a complete stand alone, however, seeing how life has moved on pleased this reader!

Grace works in a local store in Nova Scotia, while her three brothers are away at war – world war 2. Her parents Danny and Audrey are there with her and also other various family members live by.  One evening at a local dance some strangers come by, and Grace is attracted to one man who dances with her – then they are gone. Now off Nova Scotia there are German u-boats, so could these men have come from there?

Some weeks later this stranger wanders into Grace’s store – Rudi is his name. Supposedly a trapper but is he?  And so the story takes off. There is challenge and adventure, distrust and trust, and an evolving relationship with Rudi and the family and of course Grace.

I loved the story of the family in Nova Scotia, and what happened to them as the war progressed.  Depicted was the toll that war places on ordinary men, the demands made on them, and that underneath so many of them  are men of honour and care.

The story moves along at a good pace, the characters are ones that I could take into my heart and care about. The narrator was very good and brought this book alive.


Reading challenge

Audiobook Challenge 2019.

2019 Audiobook Challenge
So time to take on an audiobook challenge for 2019.
Read all the details over at Caffeinated Reviewer or Hot Listens.
Read all about the challenge on either of the links above.
I am going for the Binge Listener level again. 20 -30.
My aim is for 30 books for 2019. But anything close to 30 is good and as I always listen at a slow speed as I like to thoroughly enjoy each book.


  1. Tides of Honour narration – Fajar Al- Kaisi. 4 stars. Length: 12hrs 23 min
  2. The Dream Daughter – narration Susan Bennett.  5 stars.  Length 13 hrs 32 min
  3. Cowboy Seal Homecoming – narration Romy Nordinger. 3 stars. Length 10hrs 24min
  4. True Places  Sonja Yoerg – 4.5 star. Narration Lisa Flanagan 5 stars  Length 12hrs 15 min
  5. Royal Blood.  Rhys Bowen 3.5 stars. Narration Katherine Kellgren 5 stars. Length 9hrs 20 min
  6. The Moon Sister.   Lucinda Riley 4 stars. Narration Imogen Wilde 4.5 stars. Length 19 hrs 53 min
  7. The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.  Carmel Harrington. 5 stars. Narration Aoife McMahon 4.5 stars
  8. Come From Away by Genevieve Graham. 4 stars. Narrator Michelle Ferguson 4 stars. Length 8 hrs 2min
  9. The Goodbye Cafe by Mariah Stewart 5 stars.  Narrator Joy Osmanski 5 stars. Length 13hrs 42 min
  10. The Rosie Result   Graeme Simsion 5 stars.  Narrator Graeme Simsion 5 stars.  Length 8 hrs 17 min
  11. No Place I’d Rather Be.  Cathy Lamb 5 stars. Narrators Lisa Flanagan , Kate Reading 5 stars. 14hrs 55min
  12. Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe. Jenny Colgan 4 stars. Narrator Penelope Rawlins 5 stars. 9 hours 8 min.
  13. Southern Side of Paradise  Kirsty Woodson Harvey  4 stars Narrators:Janet Metzger. Rebekkah  Ross 5 stars.  Length 10 hrs 19 min
  14. The Bookshop Penelope Fitzgerald.   4 stars.  Narrator :Eve Karpf  5 stars. Length: 4hrs 6min
  15. The Mother-in-Law  Sally Hepworth 4 stars. Narrator: Casey Withoos 5 stars. Length:  8hrs 3min

Second Half of Year.

  1. Between Georgia.  Joshilyn Jackson 4 stars Narration Joshilyn Jackson 5 stars. Length 9hrs 11min
  2. The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters. Balli Kaur Jaswal.  4 stars. Narrator Ayasha Kala 4 stars.   Length 12 hours 44 min
  3. Evvie Drake Starts Over.  Linda Holmes.  5 stars.  Narration Julia Whelan 5 stars. Length 9hrs 6 min
  4. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. Abbi Waxman 3.5 stars. Narration Jessica Preddy. 3 stars.  Length 9hrs 21 min.
  5. The Shell Seekers.  Rosamunde Pilcher   5 stars. Narration Hayley Atwell 5 stars. Length 19hrs 26min
  6. Connections in Death  J. D. Robb. 4 stars Narration Susan Ericksen 5 stars. Length 12hrs 19min
  7. The House on Tradd St.   Karen White. 4 stars. Narration: Aimée Bruneau. 13hrs 10min
  8. The Giver of Stars.  Jojo Moyes. 4.5 stars.  Narration Julia Whelan. 5 stars.  13hrs 52min
  9. Once a Marquess.  Courtenary Milan 4 stars. Narration Rosalyn Landor 4.5 stars. 8hr 58 min
  10. Words Get in the Way. Nan Rossitor 4 stars Narration Holly Cate 3 stars 6 hrs 29min
  11. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek 5 stars. Narration Katie Schorr 9 hrs 26 min

I am listening to Regretting You by Colleen Hoover and hope to have that to my tally my the end of 2019.  So that will be 27 which is a very good total for me! Happy with it.


Over The Teacups, Reading challenge, Review

Over The Teacups #8


book coverWhy? I had read/listened to the previous book The Cafe by the Sea and loved it so I was totally in for listening to this one.

Plot This continues life on Mure which is a small island off the coast of Scotland. It sounds both unappealing and appealing. We meet all the same characters. Flora is running her cafe, her brother is about to get married, there is a doctor who wants to find his wife and children from a war torn area. And Flora is still wondering really about her relationship with Joel.

What Appeals to me? Well I loved the narration by Sarah Barron, perfection. I loved the setting, the characters and the bittersweet angst. We learn so much about the background of Joel, the doctor’s struggle with his search and find of his family, and well… there is one very sad loss happening.

And so… It was a 5 star listen for me. A keeper shelf book and most likely a notable book of 2018 for me.

book coverWhy? I saw this listed over on the AAR website where they had the top 100 romances as voted I guess by their readers. As I had read quite a few on this list I thought I’d try this one – new to the list. I also heard it discussed on a couple of podcasts and reviews on Goodreads were generally very positive.

Plot. This was about Jennifer – the Banana Queen, a baking genius who is totally exploited by her parents. And Cletus Winston – Jen blackmails him into helping her prepare for someone to marry. He sets out to educate her giving her tasks to do – like do something different every day. Cletus is a devious, loveable, quiet and clever individual but it turns out Jen is all of that and more.

What Appeals to me. It was a fun set up, and all the Winston family were a load of fun. They all have their own books I do believe. I listened to the audio and it was an easy listening experience reasonably well narrated.

And so…While I most likely won’t read about the rest of them in their books its only because there are so many books to be read… and if I only had time! A 4 star story and narration.

book coverWhy? I heard Joe Biden being interviewed by Oprah on SuperSoul Sunday Podcast awhile back and I was just so impressed by him. So I put the book into my wish list at Audible.

Plot. Joe Biden recounts some of his experiences as Vice President of the USA, and the years that led up to his son Beau’s death from brain cancer.

What Appeals to Me. I really liked Joe Biden’s values, his devotion to family and to duty and service. His life is inspiring, his simplicity, his authenticity, humility and loyalty. I liked his positivity and belief in his country even as times changed after his time in office. He narrates this book himself, he doesn’t have the most varied of voices, but the fact he is speaking it himself was enough for me.

And so…I was pleased I picked this one out to listen to, Joe Biden because of his life experience with tragedy has a compassion and ability to connect with others who have suffered. A 5 star reading experience.

Over The Teacups, Review

Over The Teacups #7


book coverWhy? This was on sale at Audible and as I usually enjoy a Luanne Rice book I chose it.

Plot Kate seeks her sister Willa who has gone missing. In the place she searches is lawyer John who is defending a criminal who kills women. He has two delightful children Maggie and Teddy. Will she find her sister alive? Are there any links to the criminal killer?

What Appeals to me? This had some twists and turns and tension that kept me listening. In the last few chapters I was sure biting my nails. Kate was a strong character and a really nice person, Maggie and Teddy while they played small roles, were very much what made this book so appealing. So crime, mystery, tension and a little romance. While I was never sure of how this would end, let’s just say I was satisfied.

And so… I have read quite a few of Luanne Rice’s books and this certainly lived up to what I expect from her. I still have some of hers that I haven’t read so they will be in my future.

book cover Why? I have read the previous books in this series and enjoyed them, although I didn’t like the narration in some of them. So I was going to read this but when I looked at the size of the book I decided to listen.

Plot This one is about CeCe who travels to find out who her family of origin is. Her adoptive father Pa Salt has sent all the girls on an exploration of where they came from. CeCe’s lead her to the western coast of Australia and into the interior to Alice Springs. We also learn the story of Kitty MacBride a Scottish woman who comes out to Broome, Australia- an ancestor of CeCe. I loved both stories. Very well researched.

What Appeals to Me? Well I will hang in there with this series because I want to find out the mystery of Pa Salt, each book a little clue or two is dropped. Also the hidden seventh sister is a mystery. Plus usually the dual time line of these books is very good. I really loved this one, for me the best! The Australian setting was so well done and I loved every part of it. Plus… and a big plus…. the narration was very good. Two narrators – one for CeCe and one for Kitty and their Australian accents were recognisable! Although take note that that is a New Zealand ear listening!

And so... Well I guess I just have to wait for another year or whatever to pass so that I get the next one which sounds like Tiggy is up next and it has something to do with Scotland.

book cover Why? I really enjoy this romantic suspense series of Nick and Sam. I’ve read them all and this is #12. They are addictive.

Plot. In this one there are a number of drive by shootings and Sam and her team are out to find out who it is before more people are mowed down. Nick is dealing with the possibility of seeing the President stepping down and Nick being asked to step up. As well a few side stories of developments for ongoing characters.

What Appeals to Me? I enjoyed the fun winding up by Sam with her partner – Cruz, as she prepares his night out before his wedding. I liked the ongoing story of Nick and his job and Sam’s desire to become pregnant. But I’d like to see developments! Evidently I won’t get them because it wouldn’t suit the possible plots!

And so… I’ll certainly look forward to #13 coming out later in 2018 and will definitely read it, although for me this one just didn’t give the buzz I have come to expect from this series.


Over The Teacups #3


book coverWhy? I would like to reread this series or for some of the books read for the first time.

Plot.  In Anne of the Island we see herself and Gilbert and Prissy go of to Redmond college to study hard to attain their degrees.

All goes well the first year and Anne makes a new friend as well – Philippa. In the second year they come across a place that they are able to rent “Patty’s Place”.   While Anne is not that fond of cats a mangy, but feisty one attaches itself to Anne and a love affair is born between them.

Anne has started writing and faces both rejection and some success. She receives a few proposals of marriage that she turns down, among them Gilbert who is pretty heart broken about that. But Anne is looking for something magical and really takes a long time to decipher true love. Finally though all is well.  Anne realises her true love!

What Appeals to me. I enjoyed the story, well narrated again by Barbara Caruso. I don’t ever remember reading this book, as a child, perhaps I did, perhaps I didn’t. I am now quite motivated to go right through the series.

Somehow I got the order wrong and passed by Anne of Windy Poplars so will need to go back to it – possibly now when I have finished the others.

book cover


The story continues in Anne’s House of Dreams as Anne and Gilbert are married and take up residence in a darling house. They make new friendships and the characters made me smile. Lesley is a near neighbour and she and Anne eventually become dear friends. And what a story surrounds Lesley. Then there is Captain Jim with his stories, Miss Cornelia with her “Just like a man” additions to most statements. Which to be honest got a bit too much!

What Appeals to Me. The story is both heartwarming and sad with some tough tales told. However what comes through is the closeness of good friends, the start of a new family and a home that suits perfectly… for now!

The audiobook was read by Karen Savage on LibriVox and a fine narration it was, I could listen along in my podcasts app on my iPad and it was perfect.  My first time trying LibriVox and a positive one.

And so…While I might take a rest from these for awhile I will continue on. I may have to read Anne of Windy Poplars  and Anne of Ingleside because I don’t see them anywhere on audio for my part of the world.

book cover


I saw a review for Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine at  Debbish,  her review put the book firmly on my radar. Excellent review.

I chose the  audiobook form and it was excellent. The narration by Cathleen McCarron was perfectly suited to the voice of Eleanor Oliphant the heroine of this story.

Plot. Eleanor is rather different – straight forward, somewhat out of touch socially and scarred. She is a hard worker, quick to judge and a little finicky. And I just must mention Raymond who befriends her, and shows her what true friendship and family is all about.  Is Eleanor the same at the end of the book as she was in the beginning? Absolutely not. And there was a little twist at the end I did not see coming!

What Appeals to Me? Her life story as it unfolds is captivating, sad and yet told with a light touch and glimpses of humour.  I loved Eleanor’s development over the book.

And so…I think if you liked The Rosie Project or A Man Called Ove  you’d like this book. For me it was ahead of those.  Certainly will  be on my list of top books read in 2017.  And I’ll be wanting to read the next book by Gail Honeyman, this was her debut novel.