Month in Review

February Reading Round Up.

Total books read this month:   11

Book Ratings

Birds in the Air   3 stars
The Matzah Ball. 4 stars
Woodrose Mountain. 3.75 stars
The Light We Carry 4. 5 stars
Archangel’s Resurrection  3.75 stars
The Vibrant Years.  3.75 stars
The Winners.  5+ stars
No River Too Wide. 5 stars
Johanna Porter is not Sorry 3.6 stars
Sweet Laurel Falls.  3.6 stars
Carrie Soto is Back.  4 stars

New to me authors:

Frances O’Roark Dowell
Jean Meltzer


Paperback.   5. one of which was from the library.

Kindle. 3. Plus one review book on Kindle.

Audiobook. 2

Top Book for February

book cover

Thoughts on February Reading.

Not an awful lot of reading done.  I am keeping my review books to a minimum and that sure is a plus.

Linking up with Nicole from FeedYourFiction Addiction.


8 thoughts on “February Reading Round Up.”

  1. I was keeping control on my review books but that kind of exploded this week! I listened to No River Too Wide last year and absolutely loved it. I need to read the rest of the series and read the rest of the early RaeAnne Thayne books. I’ve only read the first one.

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  2. You had a great month! I didn’t even write a wrap-up post as I only read three books! That is probably the slowest month I have had…ever. Let’s hope I do better in the future.

    I hope to read the Michelle Obama book this month.

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