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General/Women’s Fiction on my Shelves


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This week its exploring any kind of genre that takes our eye.

I have chosen what loosely might be termed general/women’s fiction and could be both contemporary or historical. These are all actual print books I have sitting on my TBR waiting to be read.

The Life You Left.  Carmel Harrington. Her husband leaves for work and doesn’t return.

The Hope Chest.  Viola Shipman. Mattie has ALS and Don her husband of fifty years can’t imagine life without her. The discovery of a hope chest unveils some precious memories.

Bad Behaviour.   Liz Byrski.   Zoö in Freemantle, Julia in London. These two women made choices back in 1968 that shaped their future pathways.

The Tea Chest.  Josephine Moon. Three women come together to realise a vision of a tea shop in London. It may fail and they may need to look at what is important to each.

Grown Ups. Marion Keyes. About a family – the Caseys who are a large family until one gets concussion and spills some secrets – leaves them wondering if its time to grow up.

The Sweet Taste of Muscadines.. Pamela Terry.  When their mother dies Lila and Henry return home and start to uncover some shocking secrets that overturns their family history as they know it.

Wish You Were Here.  Jodi Picoult.  A woman is stranded in the islands of Galapagos and as she faces dangers she finds she is evolving into someone different. She breaks down years of estrangement with her mother, takes the initiative in her profession and looks and her partner Finn.

The Reading List.  Sara Nisha Adams.  When Aleisha discovers a crumpled reading list in a tattered library book it sparks an extraordinary journey.

Someone Else’s Shoes. Jodi Moyes. Sam and Nisha mix up their bags at the gym, each has quite different shoes in them and both of them must use what’s there.

The Last Summer. Karen Swan.  Set in the 1930’s and goes from a remote Scottish Island to a position on an Estate in the mainland. There is murder and mystery and relationship involved.

If you have read any of these let me know. If not do you know a book that could easily be added to this list?

24 thoughts on “General/Women’s Fiction on my Shelves”

  1. hmm lots to choose from and I don’t know think I’ve read The Hope chest, how did I miss it? Thanks Kathryn


  2. The Last Summer was really good! It is the start of a series about these women who leave the Island. The Hope Chest sounds like an emotional/difficult read. I love the author, but will skip that one. Loved, loved The Reading List on audio!


  3. I’m adding so many books to my TBR. The Jojo Moyes looks fantastic and I want to read more Viola Shipman. I’m adding The Tea Chest and The Reading List to my TBR. This is probably my favorite genre right now.

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  4. Kathryn, I enjoyed Wish You Were Here, partly because I love travel and partly because it dealt with the Covid pandemic, which most authors have avoided.  I like it much better than Picoult’s    newer book, Mad Honey.The Reading List is a good choice for book clubs; my church book club did it in Jan. and my neighborhood club is doing it this spring.  The widower and his granddaughter bond over 10 other books, most classics, all well-known, so you can actually discuss 11 books in one meeting.  I’ve handed out the list in advance, so the women have a chance to read some that they may have missed or forgotten.  You and I have both struggled through Pride and Prejudice this past year; it is one of the 10.I have read several of Jojo Moyes’ books, and reread The Giver of Stars this month, but I’m waiting to read this new one.  I do have Viola Shipmen’s new book on my table, but that book about ALS sounds interesting, very relatable for us senior citizens.I think it’s too bad that you didn’t include a book by Emilie Richards on your list.  I know you have been rereading her Goddesses Anonymous series; the Shenandoah Album series is my favorite.  I have my same 2 book clubs reading Endless Chain this year, even though it is rather old.  The immigration issue and the problem of whether churches and pastors should get involved in political issues has been very relevant again lately. Judy Zell


    1. Thanks Judy. Yeah I love ER but have none of her books on my “tbr” – I’ve read them all. One day I’ll sneak her in! Ah yes Pride and Prejudice!! Good to know you have read Wish You Were Here. I have read one Covid book so far – was almost tough reading. Most likely the Viola Shipman book will be the last as I have a sister with ALS and it is a horrible disease. Some books trigger. I’m looking forward to The Reading List.


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