Month in Review

November Wrap

Total books read this month: 10

On the whole it was a really good reading month, in terms of some very much enjoyed books.

Book Ratings

The Secret of Bow Lane.  5 stars
Dance Away with Me. 5 stars. Reread via audiobook
Other Birds.  5 Stars
Us Against You. 5 + stars
The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey 3.25 stars
Still Life 4.25 stars
The Boardwalk Bookshop 2 stars.
Doctors and Friends. 4.5 stars
The Sunshine Girls. Molly Fader 4 stars.
Somewhere Between Luck and Trust.  Emilie Richards. 5 stars. Reread via audiobook.

New to me authors:

Serena Burdick
Louise Penny*
*Would read author again.

Top Print Book

book cover

Top Kindle Book

book cover

Top Audiobook

book cover


That I really liked Still Life by Louise Penny and I now have a new series to read. I really am drawn too, to Louise Penny as a person. Loved the interview that Anne Bogel did on What Should I Read Next this week.

book cover

Disappointed by

Susan Mallery’s book, although maybe I was expecting to be and was even harder on it! But wasn’t for me. I know she still has plenty of fans so I won’t be missed as one of her readers!book cover

Looking forward to books publishing in December

Review of Reading Goals  for November

Read four review books.  Read 3 out of hoped for 4.

Read two library books.  Did read two library books.

Possibly five from my own shelf. Three from my own shelf.

Complete slow and steady read.  Completed “Us Against You.”  Fredrik Backman.  I now have The Winners sitting on my shelf and no doubt that will become a slow and steady read in 2023.

Start a notebook list of upcoming books I want to buy or get from library.  Did start the page and then forgot, need to keep it going!

Main Reading Goals for December

Read some Christmas books.

Choose my first book of the year for 2023.

Keep my notebook up of books I want to buy or reserve at the library.

Think about reading goals for 2023.

Linking up with Nicole from FeedYourFiction Addiction.


13 thoughts on “November Wrap”

  1. I’ve been meaning to start the Louise Penny series. Glad you found it a worthwhile one, I’ll have to put Still Life on hold or else I can never get it from the library. Have a great month!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You had a great month of reading. I want to get started on the Below Stairs series. I read Still Life a couple of years ago and it just didn’t grab me. Someone recently told me that they think it takes a couple of books to really get into the series. Maybe I will pick it up again. I read Beartown and am considering reading Us Against You. Glad to see you give it a high rating. Have a good December!


  3. I have not read the Louise Penny book – glad you have found a new-to-you series! Nice wrap-up. Again I am reminded I need to keep a little journal of the books I’ve read. Maybe a NYE goal. 😉


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