The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks. Shauna Robinson

The Banned Bookshop

Published: Sourcebooks: Landmark
Date: 1st November 2022
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

I, Maggie Banks, solemnly swear to uphold the rules of Cobblestone Books.

If only, I, Maggie Banks, believed in following the rules.

When Maggie Banks arrives in Bell River to run her best friend’s struggling bookstore, she expects to sell bestsellers to her small-town clientele. But running a bookstore in a town with a famously bookish history isn’t easy. Bell River’s literary society insists on keeping the bookstore stuck in the past, and Maggie is banned from selling anything written this century. So, when a series of mishaps suddenly tip the bookstore toward ruin, Maggie will have to get creative to keep the shop afloat.

And in Maggie’s world, book rules are made to be broken.

To help save the store, Maggie starts an underground book club, running a series of events celebrating the books readers actually love. But keeping the club quiet, selling forbidden books, and dodging the literary society is nearly impossible. Especially when Maggie unearths a town secret that could upend everything. 

Meet Maggie, a bit of a loose canyon. She has been living with her parents, isn’t married, doesn’t have children and just doesn’t know where her life is going. Well she is about to find out.

Yes Maggie is a bit of a rule breaker on the side. And a very loveable one really. She doesn’t do straight boring things. Well even up until this point she hasn’t been much of a reader. And now she is looking after a bookshop for her friend for a few months while said friend is on maternity leave.

It’s not long before Maggie is turning things upside down in the town. Take for a start the staid, only sells classics, from a certain era bookshop. It’s about to be turned about. Or what about the curmudgeon who lives above the shop, he doesn’t really talk to anyone. He has bargained without Maggie.

In point of fact, Maggie discovers things, she makes friends, maybe even starts a relationship with Malcolm. And she discovers where her talents lie.

I was a bit dubious at the beginning of the book but by the end I was a big Maggie fan and everything she did to sort out life in Bell River. Life is never going to be the same there and thank goodness for that.

6 thoughts on “The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks. Shauna Robinson”

  1. This sounds really fun! This kind of book with a bit of a chaotic main character like Maggie either is a book I love or one where I can get past being annoyed by the main character. This sounds like an absolute winner and definitely one to go on my TBR!

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